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How I score anime.

0.5/5 = Utter Garbage, these anime are the bottom of the barrel, the ugly end of the spectrum. Even average anime compared to these can look like masterpieces. Avoid these at all costs.

1/5 = Very Poor, these anime wholly disappointed me, I definitely regret wasting my time on these. Avoid these at all costs.

1.5/5 = Tolerable, these weren't easy to get through and I'd never rewatch them, these anime are just about watchable. I highly recommend you avoid these.

2/5 = Slightly Below Average, these anime aren't particularly good but I didn't have any major objections with them. These anime are nothing special and are at best time killers. I recommend you give these a miss unless you're badly stuck for an anime to kill a few hours.

2.5/5 = Average, I found these anime somewhat entertaining. There's nothing special to these in my eyes but no glaring problems either, generic stuff here. These are just about worth watching once.

3/5 = Slightly Above Average, these anime for the most part are worth watching. I don't regret watching these but I didn't enjoy them enough to consider rewatching them. Whether it's improved art, plot, characters or setting these anime are beyond being totally generic. They're worth watching once.

3.5/5 = Good, these anime are beyond average. They have set themselves apart and I enjoyed them. They're possibly worth watching a second time a some point. I recommend watching these anime at least once.

4/5 = Very Good, these anime are highly enjoyable and are worth watching a second time. For the most part their greatness has been recognised among the anime community. I highly recommend these anime.

4.5/5 = Incredible, these anime are magnificent. They're highly enjoyable and I'd recommend these to anyone. Watch these at all costs and be sure to watch the entire series before passing judgement.

5/5 = Masterpiece, these anime are personal favourites. They're treasured gems of exceptional brilliance and merit multiple viewings. You must complete these if you wish to adequately rate them.

Some information about my other interests than anime.

I'm a giant film fanatic (seen well over one thousand), I like a diverse range of music. Some of my favourite bands include...

Radiohead, Blur, Oasis, Nirvana, Queen, AC/DC, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Fall Out Boy, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Skillet, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, FlyLeaf, 30 Seconds To Mars, The Beatles, Avenged Sevenfold. Those are just a few.

I'm also into old time crooners though, guys with good voices and songs I just generally find catchy... artists like...

Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Nat King Cole, Andy Williams, Bing Crosby, Elvis Presley, Bobby Darin, Matt Monro, Johnny Mathis, Roy Orbison.

I'm also hugely into sports, I enjoy boxing, soccer, basketball, tennis and hurling.

Some of my favourite television shows include, Archer, Father Ted, Futurama, The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, Fawlty Towers, Todd McFarlane's Spawn, The IT Crowd.

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