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Sword Art Online

Aug 30, 2012


10 out of 10: 

Its hard to put into words how awesome this anime is (and many will disagree with me). The basic plot is that the players of a game in the future are locked into the game without a way to get out, without dying, they have to beat all 100 levels of the main game. 

I really love the unique-ness of this story, its different from the normal generic shounen you see about fighting and something or other, with the loads of fillers episodes they get. 


7 out of 10:

I'm giving the animation a 7 instead of a 9 or a 10 because the animation isn't great, but nor is it horrible. 


9 out of 10:

The voices to this anime are really good, none of them are monotone or so bad I could do better, they're really good. They fit with the characters, and blend and change like a pro. 


10 out of 10: 

I really love the characters in this anime, kirito who is a lone solo fighter who has no friends, slowly and gradually adds to his friends, adding and making his character better. The deaths and the happiness all impact heavily on how his character changes, and how the other characters changes. I seriously think its some of the best character development for so many wide-spread characters. 


10 out of 10:

I really would recommend at least giving this anime a try, if it isn't your cup of tea, it isn't your cup of tea, thats your opinion, but I personally think its one of the best animes this year, and this season. : ) 

10/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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anto13 Nov 13, 2012

I droped this shit beucase it is so fucking boring and gay.It was interesting at the begining,but now it's just SHIT,a huge shitload...

spellmaster Oct 21, 2012

I totally agree with roricofan. Moreover, I think that this is one of the worst animes of the past season. Kirito is one of the worst protagonists I have ever seen, and logic seems to be missing in the story plot...

just think about the way he clears the game: he was mortally wounded, and yet he manages to stick to the world of SAO and kill the game creator. How is it even possible? The power of love? please... and also the discussion he has with the creator. "why did you do that?" "I don't remember"... wait... WHAT? you killed 4000 players, created this insane game, and you don't even know why?

roriconfan Oct 16, 2012

I call anything shiki said bellow total BS. It is the simple minded people who only like this anime. Anyone with brains easily see it is a mediocre harem that panders gamers.

shikikywketsuki Oct 8, 2012

I really do agree with this review yeah its a bit to early to be writing one in the first place but i truly belive this will be in the top animes this year, so i dont get why people are slaging it off because they are to simple minded to understand the story line or the character development. or for even worst reasons aka they cant realate to a character.

Greensee Oct 6, 2012

I actually agree with rori and flaze. The characters weren't that great. But the animation and ost were quite fun to say the least.

One of the reasons that people are giving this anime a high score is that there haven't been any good anime that have come out lately. So if people compare this anime to others (that have come out this season) it is seen as a masterpiece, which really isn't.I'm not saying that i hated the anime, but i also didn't love it. For me it's anime that you watch when you have nothing to do. Nothing more nothing less