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16 JUN

Hii guys,

I really miss that little girl, Fuuko I mean. She... I couldn't believe they've really forgotten about her! I was almost crying when she leaves Tomoya and Furukawa on the wedding day. How could they forgot about her! Tell me! Whatever, it's over, she is "gone". I hope to see her a lot, like that one time when she picked the star for the huge toy. Hihi. Hmm

That robot showed up again, one time. However, I have the feeling that it's going about Fuuko. She also disappeard with the same pink blossom petals as you could see in that scene. I could be terribly wrong! But, it's just... Another world... Kotomi maybe? She looks trapped between two worlds, or that's what I was thinking. I don't even know what's going on. The only thing I know is that she... she isn't like the rest. And she's taking Tomoya from Nagisa, I just ship those two... It looks like she was made in a lab or something. Science parents, The bad guy looked very weird when Tomoya said parents after all, so...

Also I have the feeling that Kyou really likes Tomoya, the way she acts is just so obvious. Also she calls Kotomi her rival. Kotomi is most of the time with Tomoya and that time when she wasn't there and also Nagisa and Ryou were gone, she started to act ... how do I have to say it ... like she was really in love with him and she wanted to ask him for a date, but didn't dare it.

But these are just thoughts going around in my mind, maybe I'm terribly wrong. I will see what's going to happen! I'm curious!


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immutablebox780 avatar immutablebox780
Nov 15, 2013

thay do have 2 OVA.s for the show so you might not be wrong you should cheack them out 

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