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Wait... What?

12 JUN

Hii Guys,

Here I am again. I've just watched Episode 6. It is surprising me a lot. And Tomoya and Nagasi are so cute togetheeeeer <3 They just have to ask each other and stay together for the rest of their lifes. Oke, that's maybe a little bit overdone, but I really like them together.- Now you don't have me to say if it's going to happen, I will see it myself! - Did you also mentioned that they are most of the time spending together? Hihi

All right, back to the point. Fuuko with her starfishes, hihi, I never thought she was a ghost or something. She's such a cute and kind character, but in the same time, such a sad one. She tells everyone her sister is going to marry and tells everyone that they have to come and celebrate. But she on her own can't see or speak to her. Every time I hear that, I want to give her a hug. It doesn't have to be like that! Well, it's making the story interesting though, but she just... I don't know!

Then you also have Tomoyo, I feel so sad for her that Youhei can't leave her. But she's a kind and strong person after all, she will make it. I think... The sisters Fuyubayashi are also fun, if Tomoya just says one word to Ryou, Kyou is throwing stuff at him. No matter what! A book, starfishes, whatever! Secretly I think she has a crush on him, but whatever.

I'm looking forward to see the next part of it. Just one and a half week and I'm a whole week free! Well, I have lots of time then. I think I will watch some *Ahum* episodes then!


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