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Dobriy ranok, people!!~

My name is Dima, I’m a androgynous guy from Ukraine. I’m 24 years old but I behave like a children most of the time. This is not a problem for me ‘cause is too much funny see the life like this.

I consider myself a sweet and empathetic with the people. I’m not rude with anybody, this is not in “my nature". So, I have hugs for all who need them!! 

Likes: Andrej Pejic, yaoi, cute things, strawberries, lovely animals, strange art, Japanese music/people/objects, food, androgynous boys, PewDiePie, funny stuff, meet new people, sing, draw, cook, love my boyfriend and my friends…etc.

Yeah, I’m gay so, maybe I reblog gay sex pictures/gifs. I you don’t like just unfollow me.

Dislikes: Gore, creepy stuff, rude people, extreme fangirling, stupids, spoilers, be ignored, haters and…no much more. I don’t like hate because yes.

Thanks for read this and I hope you have fun with me, darling. If you have doubt just ask me. I haven’t problem to answer anything.

Hugs and strawberry kisses, honey~ (●´∀`●)

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I adore these characters


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