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Well, I wont reveal my name, because I hates it so just calls me Cham or something. I absolutly loves anime, I loves them all.. even the lovey dubby ones. ^.^ I spend hours a day just watching one just to get a series finieshed.. once I start I can't stop.. or I'll end up forgetting what happened in the episode before.. xD My memory sucks. =P My favorite anime at the moment is Fairy Tail, I loves it like crazy. =P It always makes me laugh.. I loved Code Geass to, although it made my eyes water.. A LITTLE.. at the end.. didn't fully cry.. =P Meh if you wanna get to know me or anyhting well just ask or something I don't bite..unless you ask nicely. ~.^

Have fun and happy watching.


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ravenxmunin says...

Thanks ;) <3

May 15, 2011