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about me

I waste my days reading, watching anime, programming or chatting with people on IRC.

I’m also a music addict so I got tons of music too. Some of my favorite artists / arrangers are (divided into categories and in no particular order and horribly out of date, see my last.fm instead):


  • Demetori
  • xi-on

Anime (OP / ED, VN OP / ED etc.)

  • Kawada Mami
  • May’n
  • Shikata Akiko


  • dai
  • Kajiura Yuki
  • Kawai Kenji
  • ZUN

Even though that isn't really related to this site.

I generally "like" most shows but I'm quite picky when it comes to favorites. I also generally watch more generic shows during busy months.

And just for the sake of writing another paragraph: In case you haven't noticed already I'm only writing this much text to fill up the bio part so you'll miss the "My life on anime" bar <_<;;

And so, to further convince you that this actually is the reason I'm going to write a couple of more paragraphs. Funny enough this reminds me of a thing I had to do in English; I had to write 200 words on something I wanted prohibited, so I wrote exactly 200 words on why I wanted writings of that kind banned.

Did you know that I'm a web developer, working on random things that I find interesting enough to work on. Oh and as I mentioned before I have a programming hobby too (duh). And in case you haven't realized already I'm quite addicted to computers and technology in general .

Phew, well that's all for now; I'm out of ideas for new paragraphs so here you go, my "my life on anime"-bar. :(

my life spent on anime

  • 26 Minutes
  • 12 Hours
  • 2 Days
  • 1 Week
  • 4 Months
  • 0 Years

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July 24, 2008

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March 26, 2014

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total anime ratings: 308

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Nodachiiiii avatar Nodachiiiii


Oct 19, 2013

Chalanyan :3 ♥

default avatar Path


Jan 22, 2011

Skåne kommer och tar dig~

NekoFlan avatar NekoFlan


Sep 23, 2010

Mew~ Hi there 

TheOmnipotentLemur avatar TheOmnipotentLemur


Jan 10, 2010

Our welcoming is quite deficient lately. You've been here a day and not even one comment =O

Anyway, Welcome to AP! ^^

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