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gilgo0duva Dec 13, 2008

Hi ive found a fellow yaoi/ shonen-ai fan.. Although i don't think naruto and sasuke will end up together nor do i wish for it i do do live yoai. Not yuri as much though sorry! I don want to see naruto in a orange aporn that would make me laugh. Maybe have a fit XD

argona Jul 20, 2008

Lol agree agree. I'm adding u to my friends. Hope u don't mind.

argona Jul 20, 2008

Hey Me2! I love Naru as uke! He is just too damn cute And Sasu makes a great seme too( hehe... cold bastard)! these too are born from each other! My most favorite of all time! * Shoos the stupid fangirls away from Sasuke and winks towrad Naruto. Sasuke stares and then quickly grabs the blond and runs away*

argona Jul 20, 2008

YAY! A SasuNaru fan! I'm addict to them too! Viva Yaoi

kenshina Jun 4, 2008

Welcome to Anime-planet~~

o_o ah!  hide my eyes.  Can't look at the avatar >_<

I like naruto and Sasuke, but I think I will prefer to keep them just friend. haha

Yet, nice avatar, neatly divided into four and still can see clearly see all 4 pictures!

=p  See ya arround