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I am I? one of the question its hard to answer on. but i can tell that i never lie and i luv code geass^^

I cant say i like yaoi....or yuri(for those who dont know what it is;;;:

yaoi;;: anime boyXboy

yuri;;:anime girlXgirl

i dont like shopping either. geez horrible things. i dont like war either, but who do?((those who like war leave Cha a comment))i like roleplay whit friends but im not a so big gamer. i play a game once in a while too...but not so much....but one thing i do love is Lulu and music^^ i listen to rock and Rockpop and J-rock

and just so you know;;;;;;: im Lulus biggest fangirl on the earth!!!!!*holds lulu*no one can take him away from me!!!!!!!!!>/////< and ritsuka^^ ritsuka is kawaii<3333

i like code geass (R2), darker than black, gundam 00, monochrome factor and Loveless^^

from code geass i like LULU!!!!! and C.C. of course^^

from darker than black i like Yin<33 she is kawaii and quiet. and Hei. he is the cooles boy there^^

from gundam 00 there is Setsuna/Soran and no one else.....yet...maybe felt.....but she is a little boring....

from monochrome factor there is Akira (shin)

and at least from Loveless its Ritsuka<3333

THATS IT ABOUT ME^^...................SO FAR........godbye for now^^

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sothis Jan 15, 2009

your avatar is stunning - is it fan art or what's it from?

JaJo Jan 13, 2009



Endnu en skandinavian friend!!

Cherrs on Norway, Denmark & SWEDEN

Grave Jan 6, 2009

Ja , det er bra at vi har noen animer til felles ;)

AngelAlexiel Jan 5, 2009

Oh, I wanted to ask, did you find anywhere Monochrome Factor subbed after 13 episode? i didin't, and I realy liked that anime :P