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Hi there!

Slave from Yoshia, thanks that u're always THAT grateful;)

Then special thanks for smetske, my senpai/sensei/kami-sama for always sending me AMAZING stuff;)

Last but not least, the person, who intruduced me to anime:O:O, Vent!!!!! Thanks for showing me the way and leading me onto the RIGHT path of otakuness, cuz of u I got enlighted!!!!

There's not much to say about me, anime-addicted of course...

I'm watching anime since christmas 2007, hmm my first one (not some random episodes but really every episode, one after another^^) was Bleach which I got from a friend and that was the beginning of my new life...^^

I consider myself a friendly and energetic as well as helpful person and I can get really easy into something. If you want to know, I'm not a Hikikomori^^!

My favorite charas are Saber (Fate Stay Night, first she's addicted to fighting but she develops to a "real" girl), Sumomo (Chobits, "morning exercises, she's simple cheerful, really cheerful) and Kyou (Clannad, this angressive yet shy character),maybe Yoko (Tengen Topa Gurren Lagann, she's the first girl which isn't shy (most of the time), but the exact opposite so she oftern troubles Simon), girls only^^

If you want to recommend some anime to me, please do so I'm, always happy about new stuff... (msn as well as ap)

What is important for a good anime (in my opinion):

1.) Story (I think that's obvious)

2.) Moe!!

3.) Flow^^

And now the most important thing (many good anime turned out pretty bad 'cuz they didn't pass this point...^^):

4.) A good ending (Maybe you've already figured out that I prefer the classic "Happy Ending" :$)

My hobbies... are probably game programming ('kay games as well as other programms, it isn't limited to games only), some drawing stuff, sometimes I make an AMV and of course watching ANIME (But watching Anime is the majority...^^). Then I'm kinda active like ride my bike, climbing, swimming as well as skating and all kind of other sports.(the classics^^). For about 7 years I'm playing keyboard and I consider myself as good (not very good, not perfekt), but I can play nearly every song, if I pracitce enough.

I really like jpop (even though just some time ago I didn't really like it). Furthermore I like techno pretty much (even though I haven't listen to it in quite a while). The logical conclusion is that I REEEEALLY like exit trance, since it combines both, jpop and techno...^^.  But music isn't very important for me because I've no time to spend for something trivial like this if I can watch anime...^^

I've watched the typical rtl2 anime (do anybody know rtl2, it's a german TV-channel...) like Yugioh!, Inuyasha, Detektive Conan even my first Naruto episodes and many, many others, but I don't know how much of these anime I've seen, so I can't add them :'(.

If you're wondering which anime-genre I like, I would say nearly any genre, even though I don't like Psychological anime (often dark future anime as well). Currently I'm really into Slice of life and romantic ('kay --> obvously Comedy and Drama as well). I don't like to drop an anime, so I drop it only, if I can't bring myself to watch anymore. Yeah, there's one more genre which I don't like very much: MAGICAL GIRL. A little bit is no problem at all, but something like Shugo Chara! is too much for my poor heart so I definitely won't watch something like this^^. If you've some anime to recommend to me I'll at least try them out.

If there are any more questions, don't hesitate to contact me (but I don't think I'm that interesting that you'll ask me about that^^ xD)

If you wan't to complain about the signatures (as well as give me some suggestions) you can, but only about Saber (I don't really like it), 'cuz I really like the one with Shana^^, just joking, Shana as well, but I'm only an amateur with PS...

Now to my top 10 (as well as my top5 cuz the reason why I like my top5 anime THAT much isn't shown yet:P, and for some reason my signature won't work, though it did before the update from v2 to v3, well, nothing I can do bout it^^):

1. Ef~ a tale of memories: Just the PERFECT rommance anime, the perfect amount of luv and drama and one hell of an end, didn't watch an end like that once again^^, and then... season 2, just :O:O

2. Shakugan no Shana: RLY Perfect anime in every aspect, though the end isn't satisfying, why it isn't my #1, still, loveable characters and ONE HELL OF A STORY^^

3. Clannad: Just :O:O love/comedy in a PERFECT way, the characters are the best ones I know so far (Kyou MOEEEEEE^^) and the story is just :O:O, then the jokes from Tomoyo and the poor Sunohara, I don't think I need to say anymore;)

4. Code Geass: One hell of a show, THAT many unexpected turns, Lulu as character, I don't think I need to say more, it's just a PERFECT SHOW!!!!

5. Full Metal Panic: OFC I luv all of the seasons, though Fumoffu is my fav one^^, this anime is just an "alrounder" and one of the first anime I watched. The end wasn't too bad too. Besides I rly liked the mecha fights and the development between Sousuke and Shidori;)^^

6. Fate Stay Night: the end is a bit sad:'( but the anime itself is really fascinating, the action with romantic between Shirou and Saber :$

7. D.N. Angel: Amazing story (even though I don't like old-school...), perfect end, haha I was able to predict most of the events but D.N. Angel is still amazing...

8. Higurashi no Naku koro ni: Even though I don't really like bloody/horror anime, but this one really got me. The first chapter was really amazing, the second on wasn't as good and unfortunately, the following one's could't match with the first one, but still, I really enjoyed this (of course both season, the second's necessary to understand the whole story) and even the ending really surprised me (in a good way)

9. Da Capo: somehow like Clannad/Tokimeki and other shows of that kind, but something is different, it's more like a miracle and cuz there are 3 seasons you have more to watch, this show was nearly perfect, but something bothered me a bit, though I don't like Koko, I'm sad that she and Yoshiyuki didn't got a couple in the end again (yeah, the little rommantic boy inside of me^^), but except this, the show was just amazing, well it's my #10 cuz there just wasn't THAT much comedy, what I really missed cuz there have to be jokes in this kind of show

10. Gundm00: Some people say, that they don't like gundam (actually MAAANY people) and I have to admit, I never saw the original gunam series to begin with, BUT, I rly LUV this show (and I know some people who don't like the original gunam and like gunam00 very much^^).  Well, even if there's no fighting (pretty often the matter) I still luv this show, epic would be the right word to describe, and if they fight :O:O (don't have to say more xD). The music is AMAZING, the characters are rly nice too, and on top of that there a hell of an AMAZING story, banzaiiiii

(You know, this list wasn't that short to begin with, but I thought "Top 19" are maybe too much...^^ --> if you want to know more about my taste, look at my Watched-list *cuz there are many other shows which I really like too...)

These anime are in a random order, 'cuz I can't decide, which are better (it was pretty hard for my Top 5 too...) but I consider every one of them worth watching!!

If you want to, please visit my (anime)-blog: Oukoku no Hime

After this little introduction, please excuse my bad english and feel free to add me in msn I'll respond 4 sure...

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PinkyIzsha Feb 28, 2009

Oh wow!Nice profile and Im back again!Its Nov 11 since the last time i visited here!

kamkaw Feb 24, 2009

Hey ;)

I feel like talking right now so keep me company for a while ;)

Asu no Yoichi 7 - pretty good episode and nice side romance hints ;) There even was fight scene ;)

Regios 7 - it was not what I've had imagined before but still pleasing :D And regarding Felli :) It's her cold attitude that I like :) I was always tsundere type :) but well she is more yondere than tsundere but still nice :D

Clannad 19 - yeah I agree... very necessary ep and it's true that so kawaii and smart kids like Ushio are RLY rare :) He will have easier task raising her :) And regarding her teacher... well it's true that we've seen some hints :) this may be interresting... after all it is 5 years since Nagisa... left *sob*sob*...

Kurokami 7 - I was waiting for this :) Kuro's past and Keita's fighting declaration :) now series will become more interresting... I hope there'll be at least 25 eps :) we would enjoy it more :)

Toradora 20 - yeah I'm RLY looking forward to next development but I think that they have lots of stuff to finish before the end :) for example Ryuji still didn't notice his feelings for Taiga :) and they can give us a little service like Ami's confession :D

As for Vipers Creed and Ride Back... I'll wait till more eps will be relesed and then try them out :) Besides I need appropriete mind frame to watch mecha... ;)

Chears ;)

kamika14mizu Feb 24, 2009


How are you?Its been a long2x while aHa/? :3

kamkaw Feb 18, 2009

Hey ;)

Sorry I didn't reply sooner... New semestr have started so I have been tired lately :p

Ok lets get going ;)

Asu no Yoichi! 6 - Nice and fun as always :) I like it. Well I thought there would be more fighting scenes but if they would end up lousy it's better they are concentrate on other aspects :) (but I still would like to see more swordplay)

Chrome Shelled Regios 6 - RLY nice :) I like it more and more :) it's heading in good direction... ep7 will be great to couse will feat one of the plots I like the most (Layfon's heroic and solitary battle ;) ) And from girls so far I like Felli the most ;) The only flaws I see are lacking animation (not action scenes but general style is not to my liking) and those english fragments are annoying(at least for me)

Clannad After Story 18 - this ep was very touching :) and pleasant. It was also nice to see Tomoya's past ;)

Kurokami 6 - finally some hints about Keitas changing attitude towards Kuro (just like Layfon's towards fighting ;) ) and I hope for big plot push soon :)

Minami-ke Okaeri 7 - ohh story about Tanuki is really fitting to Makoto's story ;) and like it very much :D three legged race practice vere great too and "Chiaki said Tanukis are cute..." just left me laughing till I cried :) just epic

To Aru Majutsu no Index 19 - ehh no comment...

Toradora! 19 - whoa!!! it's been a while since I've seen so nicely followed romance plot in a school romance comedy... when Taiga run out of apartment and started to cry and call out Ryuji's name was BEST! it's somehow unnatural that Minami have seen this but it's possible... I found her rejection a littlle unsatisfying but still clear :) I hoped for him to finally clearly confess but well you can't have everything :D

Tower of Druaga: The Sword of Uruk 6 - better than previous one but still only average... and I don't know why but Kaaya is now ugly... is it my imagination or they redraw her?

Hope you are well :)

Chears ;)

kamkaw Feb 6, 2009

Hey ;)

I've had waited with a reply till now cause I've wanted to include new eps for Clannad and Toradora :)

Sa te to :)

Asu no Yoichi! 4 - I liked it :) not much to say tough. I guess I'll enjoy it till the end but it won't be extraordinary... For now I'm satisfied ;)

Chrome Shelled Regios 4 - filler ep but nice :) I won't evaluate series till story procced further but seems promising...

Clannad After Story 17 - it was rather large timeskip but I expected pretty much this... there is quite few eps till end so they can make it big :D I'm happy that series goes beyond the movie and I hope they can make better ending :D

Kurokami 4 - his attitude is as bad as ever... and I can't accept reason that it's his personality like you have... Kuro saved his life! I don't care it was her fault to get him involved, he should just run away rather than call cops... it was his decision to stay... And he is mad at Kuro cause he wanted to DIE and join his mother, it's pathetic and I have an urge to punch him but I guess it was what animators wanted to acchive so I'll let it pass for some time but not long... I've great expectations from this show and that's why I'm so harsh ;)

Minami-ke Okaeri 5 - ahhh... relaxing as ever :D I hope it to stay the way it is till the end :)

To Aru Majutsu no Index 17 - no change so far... and it seems next ep is a true filler and not side story for few eps... Well I guess it's okay if it'll be fun :D

Toradora! 18 - :D:D:D:D 17 ep left me with mixed feelings but now I'm sure that no matter how show will end and which girl Takasu will choose this perfect Anime still make it to my TOP10 :D My heart is racing when I think about remaining 7 eps :D

And you've asked if I recommend White Album... NO, after 5 eps I don't want you to go through it... maybe and just maybe if series will be good as a whole, show may be enjoyable to watch many eps at once... but now it's only painfull.

I think that's all of them :)

I hope you've had lots of fun skiing ;)

My winter break is starting now so I'll have finally some good rest :)

Chears ;)