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Name's Tim, I'm a web developer / conversion analyst for a secondary ticket market company in Connecticut. I do stuff with websites, basically. I'm also heavily involved with the Universal Fighting System CCG, which brings together various licenses (currently Mega Man, King of Fighters and Darkstalkers) under the same combat system. Somehow I wound up becoming the lead card designer, and help out running playtest, working on the rules, etc.

So I have less time for anime these days, but I try to get through a few a month when I need a break. As for preferences, I'm pretty easy to please honestly. Save for stuff that's heavily ecchi/kiddy/shoujo, if it's any good at all I'll generally be entertained enough to finish. My favorite shows tend to be slower paced slice-of-life or mystery series, particularly those with an intellectual side.

I did some moderation on the forums for a while, and ran a bunch of activities there. Unfortunately the whole full time job thing plus UFS made it impossible to keep it up, so I haven't been on there in a while. But I still use my profile here, as you can see, and hope to someday free up enough time to make myself useful and add recs or maybe some mini reviews again.

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Habhome Jan 28, 2009

A flash of yellow caught your eye.

There it was again.

These past few days you had seen that exact flash of blonde hair quite often.

"A blonde person? Must be some delinquent beeing after my money" you thought, walking a tad faster than before.

As you passed through the park a dark cloud blocked the sun, and the wind started to pick up. A few moments later you could only hear the rustle of branches and the wind rushing past you. And there, wasn't that him? The blonde person who'd been following you.

"Hey you!" he shouted at you, "You have quite a long walk until you're home, why don't you come with me? I know where we can find shelter before it starts raining too!"

"How did this person know where you lived? Oh right, he's a stalker, thats why" you thought, out loud you said "Sure..."

The blonde boy, he didn't look that old, led you into the center of the park. In the distance you could hear thunder. Soon flashes of lightning covered the sky and the rain was like a waterfall. You got a bit stumped by the sudden downpour and therefore didn't notice that the boy had entered a small and scabby shack.

You were almost jerked off your feet when the boy reached out and pulled you inside. Despite the shacks outer apperence, it provided great protection from the harsh weather outside. A small lightbulb lit up the small space.

"It never rains this hard in Tana!" the boy exclaimed, "How can you possibly put up with this weather?"

This made you turn towards the boy, and your eyes widened.

"I-it can't be!"

Termia Jan 28, 2009

While you are at your IT lessons, you suddenly feel like something in the classroom is outta place. Your teacher comes to you and tells you to continue with the assignment. You shake of the feeling and continue with the programming. After a few minutes you get the same feeling. When you look around you there is noone there. Was it a break already?

"I send them home."

Ow, the little girl send them home. That explained everything... wait, the little girl send them home?

"You see, Vivis told me she wanted you to be stalked, so I told your clasmates to leave."

Vivis? That explained everything. But why did everyone leave when this girl told them to?

"You will notice I'm really persuasive. You should know by now you can't leave here without me saying so. It also works the other way around, if I tell people to leave, they leave without wondering why. They won't even know I was there to tell them those things."

Wait? She does WHAT? But then, why do you know that she's there?

"You don't remember me."

That seemed logical. You don't remember her... remember whom? Was there somebody there? No way, but then... Why did you think you didn't remember anything? There is a little girl standing in front of you... Who was she again?

"You can't see me, or remeber I am here. You are here all by yourself, doing what you do everyday. You won't ever notice my precense again."

So, you keep on doing your everyday life. With the girl following you every day, though you can't see nor hear her. Your family has told you dozens of times about the little girl that follows you, but you don't see or hear her. You don't even know she's there...

The end

Lagore Jan 28, 2009



You got a real purdy mouth.

Rhesian Dec 4, 2008

Talk about a small world... I live less than 10 minutes away from Keystone College in the Abingtons.  Go figure!

al2551 Oct 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Cetonis! Hope your day is great.