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Name's Tim, I'm a web developer / conversion analyst for a secondary ticket market company in Connecticut. I do stuff with websites, basically. I'm also heavily involved with the Universal Fighting System CCG, which brings together various licenses (currently Mega Man, King of Fighters and Darkstalkers) under the same combat system. Somehow I wound up becoming the lead card designer, and help out running playtest, working on the rules, etc.

So I have less time for anime these days, but I try to get through a few a month when I need a break. As for preferences, I'm pretty easy to please honestly. Save for stuff that's heavily ecchi/kiddy/shoujo, if it's any good at all I'll generally be entertained enough to finish. My favorite shows tend to be slower paced slice-of-life or mystery series, particularly those with an intellectual side.

I did some moderation on the forums for a while, and ran a bunch of activities there. Unfortunately the whole full time job thing plus UFS made it impossible to keep it up, so I haven't been on there in a while. But I still use my profile here, as you can see, and hope to someday free up enough time to make myself useful and add recs or maybe some mini reviews again.

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n00bl3t Mar 12, 2011

Ahh, that is right. I forgot. (That you watch one at a time.)

I tend to switch between a few, with a "few" meaning over 10 right now.

I know what you mean, life just seems to interfere with anime a lot. Haha.

Anyway, what happened to the bottom of your last comment on my page? O.o

n00bl3t Mar 12, 2011


Not watching anything at the moment?

n00bl3t May 25, 2010


How was El Cazador de la Bruja? I was thinking of un-stalling it next month or the month after that.

DeathOnWheels May 2, 2010

just scrolling through profiles read the comment on Kemono no Souja Erin searched it sounds alright ima gunna start watching it and also wow i  thaught i was getting somwhere hitting 2 months but 3 ooh il just have to watch more ill get there and to Omurqi you may have slow torrents but down where i live the fastest my internet goes is 156kbs its painfull i tell ya

Omurqi Feb 10, 2010

I'll just watch it more or less along with you, at my own pace then ^_^ I'm going to keep it to torrenting, and at this rate, I probably can't start until coming weekend anyway.