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Name's Tim, I'm a web developer / conversion analyst for a secondary ticket market company in Connecticut. I do stuff with websites, basically. I'm also heavily involved with the Universal Fighting System CCG, which brings together various licenses (currently Mega Man, King of Fighters and Darkstalkers) under the same combat system. Somehow I wound up becoming the lead card designer, and help out running playtest, working on the rules, etc.

So I have less time for anime these days, but I try to get through a few a month when I need a break. As for preferences, I'm pretty easy to please honestly. Save for stuff that's heavily ecchi/kiddy/shoujo, if it's any good at all I'll generally be entertained enough to finish. My favorite shows tend to be slower paced slice-of-life or mystery series, particularly those with an intellectual side.

I did some moderation on the forums for a while, and ran a bunch of activities there. Unfortunately the whole full time job thing plus UFS made it impossible to keep it up, so I haven't been on there in a while. But I still use my profile here, as you can see, and hope to someday free up enough time to make myself useful and add recs or maybe some mini reviews again.

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sothis Oct 7, 2007

Holy crap, how did I not "sugoi" you yet?!

Congrats! :D

OneiChan Sep 24, 2007

Man, I gotta hand it to you on your recommendations. I could moderate them all day long. They are thoughtful, helpful and basically... fantastic. Thanks for all the hard work submitting them, they are really written gold. 

And we have one of the same top 5 :p Other than Haibane though, I haven't seen any of the other four. *runs away to look at synopsis for the other 4*  

sothis Sep 24, 2007

Hey FYI, looks like the ' problem isn't happening anymore :D awesome!

Reawen Sep 23, 2007

Here's the tale of my little visit to your profile:

1. You are the current "top recommender" so I thought I'd come by and say congrats and good job... so: "Congrats! Good Job!" ^_^

2. I realized that I have never been to your profile before, which is strange because I usually stalk people I see in the forums over to their site profiles O_O

3. I decided to check out what you're watching and saw... Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, ep 7?!! What the...? I got stuck at 5 and thought there was no where to go! Alas, a quick google search confirmed that your progress is in fact quite conceivable, and I have been an idiot. >_<

So now I'm off to remedy that. Thanks for doing the awesome recs, and for setting me straight on Zetsubou Sensei!

sothis Sep 23, 2007

A note about the test :) it only shows up if you have a ' in the rec... so if you want to try it again with a word that has ' , I'll be able to tell if it's fixed. ^_^