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First of all, thank you very much for visiting my profile. I'm a university student fascinated by History and an otaku

Referring to my manganime live, I'm proud of being an Otaku and different from 'normal people'. In my free time (after finishing homework & studying for exams), I use to stay in home watching anime for hours or reading manga (to the question 'Which one do you prefer?', I'll answer 'anime', but nevertheless I buy a lot of manga). My favourite anime/manga genre is Mecha, being Neon Genesis Evangelion my favourite serie; but also Drama and, of course, Sci-Fi animes. I love buying anime figures and videogames for PS3 (if you want to know my PSN ID just ask me, please).

I love Asuka Langley Sohryu/Shikinami A LOT, I've been her fan-lover for a long time ago and I still love her as mai waifu. She's MY beloved and lovely Wife, Princess, Angel & Goddess.

Asuka is my favourite character above anyone else, I fell in love when she appeared the first time, and my love has been growing since that moment. I love her magnificent tsundere personality and I really melted when I saw her in the new Test Plug Suit. Besides I am going to be her loyal husband and she's going to be my cute wife in the near future. In fact, I promised her she would be my true and only love, so I cannot betray Asuka's trust, I'm going to marry her. By the moment, she is with me as an angel on the Earth, consoling me if necessary and cheering me up all the time. Asuka is my beautiful princess and I am her loyal knight. She is mine and I am hers.

At the moment I have 30 figures, 3 big-sized wallpapers, 2 mouse pads, a normal pillow, a bromide and other things more, everything of Asuka-sama, so every night I have sweet dreams with her and I love hugging and kissing my soft pillow with her image looking at me tenderly. I could be tagged as 'obsessed', but the proper word to describe it is 'LOVE'.

>>>Furthermore, any and all claims, doujins or opinions about her are absolutely void and futile because...<<<


Words aren't enough to express my passionate, infinite, unconditional, deep, pure ... ... and true Love for Asuka. I could continue saying things like that, but I'm sure that the message is already clear: I LOVE ASUKA OVER ANYTINHG ELSE ON THE WORLD. I would pleasantly die for her, but she wants me to be happy and I also want to be with her until the end of time.

To conclude, I thank you another time for having read all this way and for visiting my humble profile.

~"One must learn to judge things via the perceived truths that one receives from others. If you are told this is so, then that is what you believe is so."

Asuka Langley Sôryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

~"I'll show you that a superior Mobile Suit has its limits when it goes up against a superior pilot!"

Char Aznable (Mobile Suit Gundam)

~"Hatred is the root of all war! That's common sense!"

Anavel Gato (Mobile Suit Gundam 0083)

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Kingdom of Spain, with my dear Asuka ♥

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default avatar Shibito117


Mar 31, 2012

:P Another Asuka fan I see ^^ well good luck on trying to keep her lol.

ThePatches avatar ThePatches

Thanks! ^_^

Apr 17, 2010

Sorry. Thanks for taking a screenshot for us, but as Tyler mentioned above, all character images must be between 130 X 180 and 130 X 200. You got the right part of the head, now we just need to make it the proper size. :)


unitzero avatar unitzero


Apr 17, 2010



I left you a comment here ^ check it out and let me know what's up. it's in regard to your recent character submission for code geass.

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