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Since I seem to rate by comparison (I’m just finding out that about myself), if there was more Yaoi anime out there the rate of this anime would probably drop. Since there are still few Yaoi animes out there I gave this a 6.

The story centres on the student council vice-present, Chiga, who is in love with the president, Kokusai. Kokusai is an airhead and doesn’t really notice a lot of things going on around him (such as people taking advantage of his body). He also doesn’t realize Chiga’s feelings, and not even that he DOES actually reciprocates them.

Ok, so now to the bad points:

-The animation could be better;

-Music...NOT good

-Ok I’m a bit biased because I’m familiar with the manga, but this OVAS doesn’t really have a story. They kind of just stuck with the introductory part of the manga. As someone who wouldn’t mind seeing their entire story told in anime I can’t avoid but to feel like two OVAS are not enough. They came short on story development department.

- Let’s get real here...if you are not going to give us the manga whole story but only two short OVAS, so then give us more smut and fan service as some kind of compensation. I mean, I would understand if there was little sex and a lot of plot...but no, I feel as a viewer we don’t get much of either.

Good Points:

 What do I say here besides it was fine, at most?

-It did stick to the first volume of the manga;

- I like the characters. I think both the male leads are charismatic characters, especially Kokusai...I think he is kind of funny;

-I liked the voice actors, I think they did ok;

-It is entertaining if you want just an uncomplicated yaoi anime;

-There are a couple of sexy scenes there. Not the best, but still good;

To summarize Seitokaichou ni Chuukoku is not really bad, but is not really good either. It’s an ok Yaoi anime that will help you pass the time at most. But it probably won’t be making a lot of people’s top yaoi anime lists.

7/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
7/10 characters
6/10 overall
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