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Lets keep this plain and simple. Honestly this is going to be the most unoriginal and boring paragraph you read, but it doesn't matter cuz ur reading it not me. My name is Bney [[ya like the hat]]

Close friends call me by sushi, dont ask why [[its a long story]] I'm "shy" and probably wouldn't stick out to you [[even tho i dress like a freak]]; I tend to just hide in the shadows of the crowd most of the time I'm only human; I have flaws just like everyone else[[my just seem to be more noticable]]

My anime, boyfriend and music keep me breathing on an everyday basis. I have a pretty bad swearing problem, if I offend you... im sorry [[i guess]]

I find stupid things really funny and will laugh over it for days [[ya i can be very immature]]

I'm not much of an attention grabber[[unless you think my wardrobe stands out...]]

I tend to freeze up when I have to keep a conversation going [[i just suck like that]]

My boyfriend thinks im bipolar[[i believe him]] and my parents think its all in my head [[they just dont want to pay for meds]]

My wardrobe usually consists of Tripp pants, and a hoodie [[normal to many, but not where i live]]

Im not a goth, im not emo [[people don't even know what emo IS where i live]] so just shut the f**k up about my lables.

I've given up caring what others think of me

I love to draw [[i dont consider myself that good]], i freakin love reading [[manga or normal books, doesn't much matter]] and i LOVE playing videogames!! [[which i tend to suck at too]]

Im not as mean of a person as i make myself sound [[or appear]], you just got to take the time to get to know me a little <3

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HikaruTenshi Aug 19, 2009

Amazing Avatar. ^_^