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Hello and welcome to my profile!

I am a 22 year old boy who lives in Germany. I study german philology and history on the university.My hobbies are reading books (<3 Terry Pratchett), playing japan-RPGs on PS2 (Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger...), programming (Visual Basic . NET and PHP), ANIME :3 and many other activities...

I started watching anime ~six years ago - shows like Saber Marionette, Agent Aika, Silent Mobius and other shows airing on "VOX Anime TV Nights" (VOX is a german broadcaster). I became an "Otaku" two years ago, when I started watching anime on my Computer. I'm looking forward for all the good shows, I haven't seen yet and anime-planet will help me to find all the juwels out there in the anime heaven :D I never thought, there is such a great site with so many nice people interessted in the same thing as i am. I hope we will have much fun together! :)

Note: My english isn't that good but I'm working on it - so PLEASE turn a blind eye for now <3

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starlightknight Mar 8, 2010

1 more day :p I've been playing the new Lunar Silver Star remake on PSP while I wait. The remake is excellently done if you aren't the type to desperately cling to nostalgia (or if you never played Lunar). The only downpoint is they made is much, much easier than the original PSX/Sega CD versions.

InkyAshizuki Mar 7, 2010

Thanks :) It's Fran from Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn - although, he appears really late in the anime ^^

starlightknight Mar 4, 2010

Ready for FFXIII? >.>; Expectations aren't super high, but I hope its an enjoyable experience

starlightknight Feb 19, 2010

Ah... FF10... I pretty much did all I could with that game. I'm in the US so I dont have the International version, but I re-did the whole sphere grid from scratch for max stats for my three main characters (Tidus/Yuna/Rikku). I maxed everything except I got burned out on finishing the last little stretch of maxed luck because its a lot harder to get the spheres for.

As for this gen, I'm pretty disappointed with the generation. As far as JRPGs go, my two favorites of this generation are also two of the most underrated, being Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata. I liked these enough to 1000/1000 both for achievements (and that is no easy task for Blue Dragon).

If you throw in strategy RPGs, I also really like Valkyria Chronicles and Disgaea 3 this generation.

As for FFXIII, I'm more excited for Resonance of Fate currently. In the US, it comes out the week after FFXIII. It looks like it will be a unique and refreshing experience. I'm sure I'll like FFXIII; I always like FF games, its just my expectations are lower this time around given the way this generation has been going for JRPGs.

Funkgun Feb 18, 2010

Yeah the various features on this sight are what drew me here as well. Glad you responded back to me. KIT, see you on the flip side. =)