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Hello ^_^

For reasons unknown to me i simply dont like big mecha animes or girl tranformation animes. Mmmmyep... im not that good at bio's and what not so thats all your getting... now shoo!

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TheMajor5 Sep 27, 2011

Bwhahahah, i wrote that review almost 2 years ago LOL.  If i would i would change some things now that i have seen many, many more anime series.  Looking back, the series revolved around........action and politicians dying for the sake of being to corrupt.  The pacing, for me, wasn't bad.  Though i'm not one to complain unless it's a slice of life series but originally meant to be action.  That pacing is too damn slow.  All i really remember though is the main fights and running....lots of running.  I liked the story and the music brought the rating up.  Shit, didn't think there were still people who read user reviews.  Glad you liked mine though.

Also, love mushishi.  Ginko is damn calm and collected at all times.  Pretty much makes for the perfect main character.

FireFlower Dec 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and happy new year!