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S. A

12 JUL

I'm wearing a really hilarious t-shirt... it has a drawing of man and a women getting married and the women is smiling and the man isn't then at the bottom it says 'GAME OVER' xD It's a bit sexist but I think it's quite funny!

--- Spoiler Alert ---

Back to what I'm suppose to actually write.... On your marks, get set, go!

I watched the anime Special A and well there are some parts where I can see why people say it's a quite good anime and others that not really.

It's a very humorous story indeed but nothing from another world. Actually I've read that it doesn't quite follow the manga, which tends to be normal for a 24 episode anime. I really did like whatching S.A but I feel like there's something missing (>_>) Maybe it's my lack of sleep but oh well...

What I loved was how these students from this school, that is incredible and abnormally rich, are caracterized as stars and are continuously being put on a pedestal and because of that are even put at a completly seperated class from the other students, are in fact quite normal (besides their unhuman habilities) with the same problems as us poor commoners. Who am I kidding? They're just weird, seriously! One of them is bi-polar, the other one can generate a nuclear bomb just from singing and another one is more like a robot than a human. Apart from that they are normal. But if hiperbolic charecteristics hadn't been attributed to the charecters then what fun would come out of it?

The protogonist is Hikari a girl who comes from an humble home which is not how the other 6 charecters were brought up. All of the other 6 have mansions and staff working for them 24/7 but that does not set Hikari apart from them. Which is something that I like in this anime! Each student of the S.A is different and has a different personalitie and attributes which somehow brings them even closer and feel like a family. They're not one if some of the 7 are not there with them to share joy and sorow and we see that by the end of the anime.

We can see how being rich does not always bring joy to our lives. In fact it can sometimes come in the way of one's happiness. Having so much money gives you a status wich you must not ruin. The image you give must always be the perfect one and if something happens the only way of fixing it is by corrupetd plots. This keeps reminding me of the tv shows Dirty Sexy Money and Gossip Girl.

Through out the episodes each character gets closer to another character (except for Ryuu in the anime).

Hikari and Takishima are eternal rivals. They keep competing with each other and it always ends with Takishima winning. This rivalry has made their relationship grow into a somewhat hate/love kind of bond. Takishima knows his feelings towards Hikari are much deeper than friendship right away in the beginning (he loves her so much that it hurts!) whereas Hikari only really gets it right at the end of it. She strugles against it just like a women does. It's really funny when Takishima says she has romantic feelings towards him it really makes her go gaga and get into a denial state xD

The final episode is set in London which is awesome because I was just a few months ago there and I had a good sense of nostalgia at the Big Ben scene.

Special A ends with a contest between the two protogonist but this time Takishima is more into showing Hikari that he longs for her every day than rather winning! It is here that Hikari says that Takishima is very special and she respects him as much as she hates him. And that he has always beaten her at everything no matter how hard she tried thus making of him her Special One, her Eternal Rival.

I think I'm going to read the manga and maybe compare it with the anime...not sure yet though. Maybe if I read the manga this void that I feel towards this anime might dissappear.

Nevertheless, I do think you should wath this anime. It is quite hilarious and you won't find one single dull moment while watching it. Hikari and Takishima's competitions will entertain you to the fullest. You will feel frustrated with Hikari for being so blind and so stuborn, and Takishima will melt your heart every time he behaves when it's something that involves Hikari.

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