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If you're not a massive pervert, you simply won't get as much out of this anime, if anything. So if you're not an echi fan, watch something else, because this anime doesn't go for more than five seconds in a row before making an inuendo out of something. No, not something. Everything. Which is this show's redeeming quality.


There simply isn't much of one.  Which, considering the point of this anime, is a good thing. A major story plot would just get in the way of all of the echi goodness. Seriously. Yogurt slide. Interested yet?




Character models are alright, and it's easy to distinguish characters apart, if not simply by the size of their breasts. Backgrounds are incredibly bland and everything is quite brightly colored.




Both the opening and ending themes are quite bland, musically. Very generic music made somewhat more enjoyable by the animations they're set to. Unoriginal and predictable music throughout the anime, but it does it's job. The strong point is definately the Japanese voice actors. They hit it dead on for their characters, and I didn't find any of the female voices to be irritating, which is a common problem for me. English dub was somewhat less remarkable, but still managed to match the Japanese voices fairly well, so if you'd rather watch this anime in English so you don't have to read subtitles while you oggle the chesticles, you should be able to without poking out your eardrums.




Considering that there are only two episodes, there's very little in the way of character developement. It's a harem style, so all of the lusty ladies fall for a boy with no distinguishing characteristics for no apparent reason. It's easy to tell who likes who, and that's about as far in as we get for character developement. Most of the characters aren't even given any explanation for why they're even there, who they are, or why they do the crazy things they do. But again, just like a plot, heavy characterization would muck up the echi.


To Sum Things Up


As far as judging it as an anime for  a wide audience appeal, I would rate it a 3/10. Now, if you're a perve, a fan of echi, or just enjoy some really crude humor, I'd rate this an 8/10. It's raunchy, fun, and a decent waste of an hour, if you have the time. Again, yogurt slide. Just sayin'.


4/10 story
4/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
4/10 overall
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sasman88 says...

I'd like to say, that even if you are ecchi fan, you should go for something else, or just read original manga (which is passable), because this is probably THE worst show ever

May 31, 2013