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My old profile was made loads ago, so here is my new one!

I'm Cassie and I obviously love anime!

Some of the series I'm watching/have watched include...

D Gray Man

Ouran High School Host Club

Katekyo Hitman Reborn



Death Note


Fruits Basket

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

Nabari no Ou

Letter Bee/Tegami Bachi

Soul Eater

Special A

Zombie Loan

....And the list goes on.

The first anime I watched was Vampire Knight-which opened me up to watching Nabari no Ou to Death Note to Kuroshitsuji, and then-the list appeared.

My Favorite Characters would have to be Kanda from D Gray Man and Ciel and Sebastian from Kurohitsuji.

I don't think many people would be that interested in my profile, so I'll just say if you want to actually know more or something, look at my Anime List or leave me a comment below :)

OH! And if anyone reads/writes FnFiction and has a good story for any of the anime I watched or am watching, leave a comment below so I can check the story out.

~Cassie XD

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animeforever817 says...

I'm sooooo sorry. I went to Florida and when I got back I had so many messages that I didn't even notice yours till now. Im so so sorry :(

Well my favorites are Durarara!!, Infinite Stratos, Angel Beats, Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning, the world god only knows, and Fruits Basket. So I definetly recommend them. And I haven't looked at your list so if you've seen some of them Im sorry ^_^

Apr 18, 2011
animeforever817 says...

hey I randomly found your page. how's it going? XD

Apr 3, 2011
fat10 says...

Welcome to Anime-Planet, I hope you like it and have fun ^^

Nov 23, 2010