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Heeeey. My name is Cassie (short for cassandra) and i really like reverse harem anime. If you ever hear of a good one please tell me, i'm not really big on forums or a lot of websites so if you read about one.... thanks. My all time favorite right now would have to be Ouran High School Host Club. I know its sorta old and a lot of people love it just like me, but i mostly just loved the idea of twincest. I'm a huge fan of fanfiction so i can read to my hearts desire about it all i want but if theres another show that involves it, id love to know about it. I havent seen anything yet about it but im sure that it will pop up somewhere. I'm also a huge fan of Harry Potter (I seriously hate Twilight though- i think its an insult to girls everywhere.) Oh and btw, I'm not really 22, I made a mistake on the sign up so... yeah. I'm really 16 and i have brown hair and brown eyes. My favorite color alone is green but if i choose two colors they would be pink and black. My fav band at the moment is All Time Low. I'm hoping to get tickets to one of their concerts soon.... but yeah thats pretty much all you need to know about me. If you really want to know more then message me somehow..

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