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Princess Tutu

Aug 1, 2011

Ahiru is nothing more than a duck, but with fiction and reality blended together, it is she who must become the tragic heroine of the story—Princess Tutu. In the town she lives in, there is a prince without a heart, for it was scattered long ago to seal away an evil raven. It is Princess Tutu’s destiny to return each piece of the heart to the prince, but each act brings the story closer to its tragic end. Can the love of a mere duck change fate?

It’s hard to know exactly what to say about this anime. When I first came across it, it was the English dub on Instant Netflix. It seemed a little weird when I first started watching, but there was something about it which kept me interested enough to see it through to the end.

This same something has kept this anime in my mind, two years later. Needing a break from a longer anime I’m watching, I decided to watch it again, this time with English subtitles.

I absolutely love Princess Tutu. It’s so unique and fresh. And also kind of weird, but the weirdness makes sense after all the explanations are given—it’s not weird just for the sake of being weird. The first few episodes seem a little cliché, but, trust me, it won’t stay that way.

Ahiru is such a loveable character. I love how clueless, clumsy, and caring she is. It all adds to her charm, and I loved watching her grow. Mytho is kind of bland in the beginning, but it’s hard to be interesting when you have no heart. I do wish he had been given a little more of a chance to shine throughout the show. As for Rue and Fakir (without giving spoilers), I love how complex of characters the two of them are.

I don’t think this is an anime I could ever forget. The story is told in such a compelling way, the characters are interesting, and the animation, while not the best I’ve seen, was beautiful. I highly recommend this anime, and I will be purchasing a copy for myself.

Content warning, however. There is some nudity/near nudity. This seems to be fairly common in the Magical Girl genre. Ahiru isn’t physically mature enough for it to be a big deal, but it is there.


Can I just talk about Fakir for a moment? And how much I love him? He’s got to be my favorite character of the entire show, and I think I have a little bit of a crush on him. He starts out as such a jerk, but once you learn his backstory and his fears… It makes a ton of sense. And I just love every minute him and Ahiru are together. They’re so adorable! Especially the closer they grow to one another.

The ending just kills me every time, with the two of them. Maybe that’s part of the reason I’m so drawn to this anime. The ending is happy but bittersweet. I want Fakir and Ahiru to end up together so badly, and they do, but with her stuck as a duck. It’s my own personal headcannon that one day, Fakir is able to write Ahiru’s story of turning back into a girl, and then they can finally be together.

Even so, I don’t think the anime would have worked as well if they had shown that. The magic of the ending is that it gives the viewer what they want while not giving them everything. The story is complete, but leaves room to grow in the viewer’s imagination.

Original review:

I never would have thought that I would like an anime such as this, and my brothers kept making fun of it because of it's name. I mean, Princess Tutu? What kind of name is that? But there was something about this anime that just kept me coming back.

It seems really weird at first, but everything clicks into place at the end. That's got to be one of my favorite things about this anime--how all of the random, small bits fell into place. Story-wise, this anime just WORKED.

I loved the characters, and the romantic aspect of this anime was handled very well. The anime guided me from rooting for one couple to me rooting for the other I had hated without me even realizing it. I was a little disappointed with how it ended, for the main character, which is why my overall rating is an 8, but, as strange as this anime was, I loved it.

10/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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