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This season is split into two arcs. In the first Queen Nehelenia is back, and so are all of the Sailor Soldiers. She is looking for revenge, and finds it through Mamoru. Can the love of Usagi save the day?

I really, really liked this arc. The story was a little faster paced, and things got pretty intense. Mamo-chan and Usagi are just perfect for each other, and so seeing their relationship threatened… I’m not a huge crier, but I did almost cry during the finale. As silly and repetitive as this show can be at times, they certainly know how to do finales. It was the closing I felt was missing from SuperS, especially considering Chibi-Moon.

Which takes us to the second arc of the season. Not to spoil too much of the first arc, but Mamoru is studying abroad, and Usagi and her friends are entering high school. The world is quiet, but a bit lonely for Usagi. Enter singing sensation the Three Lights, who transfer to Usagi’s school. A new enemy, Galaxia, appears, and with her comes the appearance of soldiers calling themselves the Sailor Starlights. Can the Sailor Soldiers defeat Galaxia? Who are the Sailor Starlights? And why must there be a new love interest for Usagi?

There were some things about this arc/season I really liked, and some things that really irritated me about it, as seen from the last sentence of my summary. First off, even though this strayed from the manga (haven’t read the manga, just going off of what I’ve heard), this had everything I love about Sailor Moon. The animation was good, the music always fit the moment, the humor was great, and the emotions were real.

Like I said with the other arc, the people behind this show really know how to do finales. The finale of the first season has always been my favorite, but now I’m thinking I need to go back and watch it again, to decide whether I liked it or this one better. This finale was very intense, and very emotional. Again, I almost cried in a few parts. I think part of the reason it was more intense was just because there were more characters to care about. The cast was quite big in the finale, but I think they did well on managing so many characters and letting them all have their moment to shine.

Content warnings of nudity (not detailed), some swearing, homosexuality, and changing genders. Nothing really new, if you’ve watched all the other seasons.


I didn’t like the changing gender for the Starlights. Either have them be boy or girl. Not both. Not switching off. I did not like that at all. At first I thought maybe they were just girls pretending to be boys, but it was made pretty clear that they really are boys when not transformed. But that just makes the romance thing weird…

And speaking of romance, my biggest complaint for this arc was with just that. Usagi and Seiya? Really? Didn’t we just establish in the first arc that Chibi-Moon will not exist if Usagi and Mamoru weren’t together? Which is kind of obvious anyways, but the first arc really drove that point home. So why are we trying to make drama there? If Seiya has feelings for Usagi, then whatever, but I didn’t like the way they tried to make it seem as if Usagi had feelings back, and that she was confused between the two. I know Usagi was lonely and having a guy with her helped, but still… And her friends didn’t seem too concerned either. They were some, but they seemed almost more concerned with Usagi being with two guys than with Usagi not being with Mamoru. I think this is starting to turn into a rant, but it just made no sense at all, after the first arc and Chibiusa not existing without Mamo-chan.

Also, side note on the romance, it was odd how little it concerned Usagi that Seiya liked her and then Seiya was also a girl… You think there would have been some acknowledgment of that, like ‘oh, that guy I supposedly kind of like, he’s actually a girl…’ I found that kind of odd, how Usagi never acknowledged that. A bigger deal was made about Haruka and Michiru.

My last complaint has to do with the finale. The very, very final battle. Usagi FINALLY becomes Princess Serenity, and then… she fights the battle naked. … What? I just spent the whole battle being confused as to why she was naked, and it just really pulled me out of the show and made the battle way less awesome and intense. I’m still confused why the felt the need to make her naked, and I did not like that decision at all. And Seiya, the gal that loves her, was down below watching. As Usagi is naked. And then after the fight, when her friends appear, and then Mamo-chan appears! She’s still naked… Not awkward at all, right? I’m not quite sure what they were thinking, with that.

Overall, I really loved Sailor Moon. The series has its flaws, and it has some content I don’t like at all, but I can’t help but love it. Much of the twists are obvious and most episodes have the same things happening in just a slightly different way, but the finales are always great, and there are small moments that make the show worth watching. The characters are also great, and Usagi is there to let you know no matter how bad things may get, there is always hope and always love. As long as you don’t give up, you cannot lose.

7/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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