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ratchet573 Apr 22, 2017

Hello, and thanks for adding reviews on Anime-Planet!

When you add reviews on A-P, you can set the privacy level to “private” (personal notes), “people visiting my profile” (short impressions), or “everyone” (longer, more nuanced reviews that meet the review guidelines). The default value is “people visiting my profile” as most reviews fall under that category - these reviews can be seen by anyone visiting your profile, as well as across the site for anyone following you.

A number of your reviews have been changed to ‘people who visit my profile’ because they are short impressions rather than full reviews. If you eventually decide to turn these into longer reviews feel free to change the privacy level back to “everyone”. Here’s a full writeup of the privacy levels.

Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions!

TitanLavi Apr 8, 2017

love your profile ^_^ hope you can stop by & check mines out & hopefully we can become friends .

Now lets get onto why we are here on this website :3 : ANIME AND OR MANGA of courseee . !! :3 so whats yoru favorite anime/manga or hey whats your favorite anime and manga , and whats your go to genre to watch and to read? x 

azizbapora2015 Nov 3, 2016

  • hey there what's up! 

XxZeroeZxX Jan 18, 2016

That's ok I like ur rambling! It reminds me of my old reviews :)

So what do u say, wanna be besties? ^_^

2 long time users...

A fated encounter..

It's so poetic o_o