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What I Liked: Same as with Black Lagoon. Hansel and Gretel were an interesting addition (and opener). Even though I said this in my review for Season 1, I'll say it again: Patricia Drake really does work wonders as Balalaika.

What I Didn't: Rock still sounds too American, and the interpreter scenes just hurt. Yuriko's friend was WAY too American. The sudden transition from Roanapur to Japan was a little jarring, but at least it was (eventually) explained. Revy almost acted…girly in the second half. 

Final Verdict: The Second Barrage ditches the haphazard and almost episodic format of Season 1 in favour of a more fulfilling trilogy of story arcs, while sticking to what it does best in the action department. Bringing in (kind of) supernatural elements in the first arc and setting the final arc in Japan keeps the series fresh and helps the characters to flourish.

?/10 story
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8/10 overall
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