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Black Lagoon

26 AUG

What I Liked: Intriguing representation of modern piracy and the "underground". Main characters are big on personality and memorable. Revy. Roberta. Patricia Drake as Balalaika. The Aryan Socialist Union. The occasional non-sequiturs and small pieces of black humour dotted throughout the series. The design for Roanapur. Pretty consistent but average animation.

What I Didn't: Brad Swaile's American accent is WAY too strong for his role as Rock. The laughable voice acting for the Nazis in Episode 4. The way the series barreled through the antagonistic groups (e.g. The Rip-Off Church, The Aryan Socialist Union) made said groups seem more like set pieces than organisations. The ending wasn't really a conclusive ending. Soundtrack was surprisingly dated for such a recent series.

Final Verdict: A gritty series that prefers gunfights and explosions to wallowing over humanity's vices, Black Lagoon is action at it's finest and most visceral. It's backed up by a strong cast of characters and enough gun porn to make one's head spin. The English dub's not too bad, either.

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