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Mar 27, 2014

Pupa is a masterpiece in it's own right, being both a psychological anime and fitting so much frightening themes into a small time period. It says wonders about an anime that's only five minutes long to be so fantastic. It's truly a psychological journey into the monsters inside all of us, and how family can always mend breaks in your life. Not to mention act as sexy incest bait. Pupa truly is one of my favorite animes, not because it's borderline porn and a great way to get off, but because it's just so encompasses the themes it tries to shoot for so well, and I totally got that while watching Yume eat out her brother.

Story: 10/10

The story of this anime is about a massacre of teddy bears. I mean, red butterflies that cause people to go insane with the beautiful color contrast. No, wait, I got it, it's about this girl who gets a curse from a little cute puppy (who was clearly sick, Yume), and turns into some big, and totally adorable monster. Her boyfriend, er, husband, must come to the rescue and act as a food source for his now cannibilistic little sister. 

Because hell, we can just assume the brother got the virus as well because I don't know! I mean it doesn't affect the anime in one way, in fact, I would point that out as the only flaw. That fact is, the anime is unpunctured by this plot hole because it doesn't really matter. It shows the real bonds between brother and sister. I really found it interesting how human behavior was such a heavy theme in this anime as well. 

"Why are you looking at me so strange, Onii-chan..?"

Being a monster sure makes you a dumbass. Which is great because it amplifies what it's trying to get at.

Characters: 10/10

If not the plot, then it's the characters that gives this piece of genius the heart that it has. Let's start off with Yume, the totally cute little sister who has a big fat crush on her slightly cute brother. I think Yume is the pivotal point of this series and a true example of superlative intelligence. Being told by a scary (and now pregant) lady to avoid the red butterflies, she looks at obviously conspicuous red butterflies and asks a sick puppy if it's hurt, when it clearly is. But she's smart in this case. My mother always told me never to listen to strangers, and that lady looked like a real crack-head, didn't she? 

Anyways, next up, we have the super hot (well I said he was slightly cute before) older brother, Utsusu (I think I don't know he's not memorable) who is really the valiant knight in the series. Sacrificing his body for his sister and the wellbeings of others shows a true human being; caring and loving. He experiences a pain unlike pleasure, and he does it well everytime.

And also there's a mom who loves being hit, a dad who I guess was important (he showed up briefly in the opening), and a witch on crack who gets knocked up by a beast.

Sound: 10/10

It's hard to ignore this masterbat--I mean, masterful soundtrack and voice acting, when it's such an amazing part of the series. The voice acting is on a completely different level than from other shows I've seen. You can really tell by the way Utsusu was moaning and groaning and asking for his little sister to "eat him a little slower *blush*," he really felt the emotion of getting naked and letting his kawaii sibling eat into his flesh, sliding against his skin with her pearly white teeth and letting the red blood (of love) slip down his perfectly slim body. 

And Yume's VA? She perfectly captures the expression of a teenage girl finally being able to make love (oh come on) to the person she loves. Her "Onii-chan's" are always delivered on the mark. It was an imperative part to the series for her to make erotic whispers and grunts of her brother's honorific, and it gave it some sort of flair that the series wouldn't have had otherwise.

The soundtrack always captured the mood perfectly. A happy piano tune playing when sister Yume was having her daily meal was just on the mark. And the Opening sequence was beautiful, a screechy voiced lady making unremarkable changes in pitch. 

That's some eargasming stuff y'all.

Animation: 10/10

I loved it. Clearly the pitch black censorship bars that appeared whenever someone was being eaten represented the black despair and sadness of eating your own race. I mean wow..! Even the censorship was metaphorical! Pretty great if you ask me. 

Not to mention Yume's dinners were always animated well. Utsusu's facial expressoins whenever his hot and spicy sister bit into him were crafted and drawn with such perfection. It made me feel his pleasure. (Yeah I'm pretty sure it was pleasure -- the way he was moaning.)

Overall? Just a masterpiece.

It's a shame it's over, with many loose ends to be tied up. But hey! DEEN doesn't have much to do so I'm sure a Season 2 isn't that far away!

yeah i'm pretty sure i failed in making this funny but let's be honest this is a piece of shit and sucks so bad. 0/10

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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Touei Apr 29, 2014

Hahaha :D Very good review XD I can't stop laughing :D

Symbian Mar 27, 2014

Anime is on sale from ¥6000 BUT!!! there is a 26% discount at the moment (¥4500)! WE SHOULD HURRY UP! They say if you bury it under a shrine it cures your STDs.

LLORAtheLLAMA Mar 27, 2014

I absolutely loved this review!

(And yes, the show was terrible)

Vukor Mar 27, 2014

Absolutely agreed, Pupa is basically the second coming of Jesus: the animated series. It also cured my hemorrhoids.