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A twenty-two year old product of the American school system and a life of isolation and anime fandom. I used to be super hardcore about watching and writing about anime, but I got burned out for awhile. I have been getting back into things nowadays, but I have found that my patience for awful series has waned as I have seen more of them.

I imagine my scores seem pretty low to most people, but on a 5 point scale, a 2 is what I give to anime I consider to be simply average. I never understood the tendency for reviewers to occupy the vast majority of their scale with varying degrees of bad, so I suppose my scores have become low compared to most on this site.

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Tabatha says...

Welcome!!!! Impressive Anime list you have :p One day I will catch up to you!

Apr 13, 2009
Kari5 says...

Welcome to the site, Capt! If you have any questions about the site, feel free to ask me.

Apr 13, 2009