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A twenty-two year old product of the American school system and a life of isolation and anime fandom. I used to be super hardcore about watching and writing about anime, but I got burned out for awhile. I have been getting back into things nowadays, but I have found that my patience for awful series has waned as I have seen more of them.

I imagine my scores seem pretty low to most people, but on a 5 point scale, a 2 is what I give to anime I consider to be simply average. I never understood the tendency for reviewers to occupy the vast majority of their scale with varying degrees of bad, so I suppose my scores have become low compared to most on this site.

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xRandomosityx Apr 13, 2009

Welcome to AP!

I gotta know, why do you watch such long series if you dislike them so much? (most of your ratings are pretty low, like 1 star)

Tabatha Apr 13, 2009

well I'm always looking for new stuff to watch so if you ever have any sugestions for me... just let me know ^_^

shadowds Apr 13, 2009

Welcome to AP the name shadowds if you need help find anime to watch online i can send you links where you can watch online or download up to you just ask when ever you need help ^^

How are you doing? ^^ like your top 5 very good i must say ^^

Tabatha Apr 13, 2009

o.O not even half way?!?!?! -_- maybe I won't catch up to you :p

Siefu Apr 13, 2009

Welcome to Anime-Planet! It's nice to see the awesomeness that is NHK in your top 5.