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i'm jim. i'm 19, and i go to aberdeen university, where i study plant biology. i'm big into music, and you'll often just find me chillaxin' to some indie pop, dazing out to some dreamy japanese shoegaze, being moved to tears by an epic post-rock movement or listening intently to some avant-garde jazz.

i love sci-fi books, especially ones that make you think. not just 'omg robots and explosions and spaceships' stuff. in particular, jules verne and isaac asimov are my favourites. i love films of this sort, too. i'm a stickler for things that leave you with a lasting question to think about, and it really doesn't have to be sci-fi. my favourite film is most definitely a clockwork orange.

i'm also a beginner in kendo, which essentially means i get to hit people on the head with a stick for 4 hours a week. i love me a good beer or a glass of french wine. bourbon is my god.

now, to anime. i love, again, anime that makes you think - and the problem i have is that a lot of it is just plain action/romance/whatever. not that there's anything wrong with that - i enjoy it as much as the next man, but these things can never be my favourites. i want to see masterpieces of animation, storyline, etc in the same way that you might consider a book or a film a classic, but these things seem hard to come by to me. in this regard, i love by masaaki yuasa, in particular its surreality. i'm making my way through his catalogue at the moment, and enjoying every minute of it.

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Kiradesu Sep 1, 2012

Hey Jim, nice anime list, we've got the same taste and i think i'll use it for many suggestions! (Btw Kaiba is great!!) How's life in aberdeen? :)

xbirdyx112 Jul 4, 2011

Hey Jim :P Sorry I don't read my messages often on this site, I thought you were going to make a list on myanimelist instead?