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AirCommodore Oct 17, 2011

Re: your comment on my Full Moon review:

It's quite obvious you are not into this kind of show

If by "this kind of show", you mean bad, then no, no I'm not. However, if you meant shoujo, magical girl, or family-friendly, that's a totally different story. Shoujo and mahou shoujo are two of my favorite genres, and take up a fair share of my favorite and highest-rated shows. And I'm a sucker for a good children's show (I'm watching My Little Pony as I type, and a bunch of my favorite anime are meant for children).

I didn't drop it because I was watching it with a buddy group on the forum, and didn't want the rest of them to suffer alone (people were dropping like flies).

Kari5 Apr 19, 2009

I don't really have all my cosplay photos in a collection somewhere, sorry. It's because I don't have a lot of nice photos of them. My Haruhi cosplay was the first one I used for an actual photoshoot. The rest were just worn around cosplay gatherings and conventions. Luckly, there's a professional photographer in my household, so I plan on having a photoshoot to finally have a few great shots sometime this summer.

Kari5 Apr 19, 2009

Thank ya.

Kari5 Apr 19, 2009

Cute signature :3