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  • Reasons why Shugo Chara! is Creepy [Not to be taken seriously]

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Reasons why Shugo Chara! is Creepy [Not to be taken seriously]


Shugo Chara! has been a favourite anime of mine for a few years now, I loved watching it when it first came out and even now I enjoy it.


Upon thinking about the anime realistically I realised there were many elements to the anime that were either unnerving or down right creepy.

Let’s explore shall we?


Number Five: X-Eggs

The anime mainly revolves around Amu Hinamori, a girl who sets out to find her ‘true self’ and along the way helps others who doubt their dreams by purifying their hearts.

Nothing creepy with that right? :D

...But let’s look back again shall we?

Basically if we doubt our dreams, the ‘heart egg’ within us will gain an x (and in some cases go on to become an x character) on it and go about causing havoc as we continue to live as a lifeless shell with our hopes and dreams crushed.

Don’t even get me started on ? eggs in the anime… ¬.¬

But hey! Don’t worry, it’s alright. All we have to do to avoid this scenario is make sure we never doubt our dreams. Just make sure that from the young age of five or six you know for definite what it is you want to do – no space for hesitation here kiddies! Once you’ve made a decision, you stick to it! That way nothing wrong will happen!

No kid! Don't doubt your dreams! Who cares if it's impossible for you to become a guy? Don't stop believing anyway, if you do you'll be a goner!

I mean, it’s an easy task right? It’s not like we can’t go our entire lives without doubting our dreams and future once right?



Number Four: Cross-Dressing

Enter Nagihiko Fujisaki or as he was known for the majority of the first season: Nadeshiko. Here we have the cross dresser.

But what's so creepy about this? I mean, sure he cross-dresses but a lot of people do now a days right so it's not that big a deal...

She's a girl... She's cute... Ah ha! Therefore she must be a guy, it only makes sense! :D

This whole cross-dressing goes much deeper. Not only did this girl guy pretend to be a girl for the sake of dancing (which it turns out he didn't want to do in the end so there was no god damn point anyway) but he fooled the entire school into believing her - I mean him.

Guys drooled over her him (goddamit!), the heroine of the series became best friends thinking they were a girl! This gets much more disturbing...

What about physical education lessons? What about changing in the girls room? Did our cross-dresser stand there whilst their fellow female classmates proceeded to strip down? Unfortunately we'll never know... :/

Number Three: Incest

On one hand we have seventeen year old Ikuto Tsukiyomi. On the other we have fourteen year old Utau Hoshina who is madly in love with him to the point of obsession and rabid jealously where she won’t hesitate to attack love rivals with x-eggs.

And oh yeah, their siblings.

Utau: May I kiss you brother?

Although for most of the point I didn’t mind this – afterall, who cares if Utau attacked her brother to the ground and forcibly kissed him? – bearing in mind that this anime is aimed at kids around pre-teens and considering the anime became more childish (enter angry rant on Shugo Chara! Party) and therefore attracted a younger audience, the age group of the audience lowered.

But hey! It’s not like it matters right? The kids won’t mind that much? It’s not like they’ll look at their fellow siblings and wonder if they should try kissing too… their not that gullible right?

Heh heh…

Ahem. Moving on...

Number Two: Easter

As all Shugo Chara! fans know, our heroines main enemy is Easter – an organisation serving the almighty and mysterious Gozen in order to get their hands on the Embryo no matter what means they must go through to grab it.

So what’s creepy about that?

Sigh. Where to start?

If you were to look at this realistically, the amounts of attempted homicide and other illegal and disturbing events included in this show increase every ten episodes or so.

Not only does Gozen manipulate everyone around him, enslave teenagers into the organisation – even going as far as to imprison one and hypnotise him into running amok with a giant scythe – but there are various moments where if you watch it seriously you’ll realise that our heroines life is infact in danger.

That sharp point blade isn't just for show you know?

But of course, none of this matters by the end of the series when we uncover the truth of the matter that Gozen is infact simply a six year old boy named Hikaru!

Aw, look at that adorable face! He's so cute!? :3 We can forgive him right?

Who cares if he forced people into obeying his wishes? Who cares if he ruined the precious dreams of children for his own benefit? WHO CARES ABOUT THE PAST?

And it’s not like the viewers mind. I mean, it’s not like any of us believe there is infact a six year old child out there somewhere hidden in a secret room whilst he diabolically manipulates his puppets employees to obliterate people’s hopes just so he may complete his toy collection.

Who'd believe that?

Number One: Pedo-Bear

Once again we enter seventeen year old Ikuto Tsukiyomi however we also have twelve year old Amu Hinamori here too.

That already sounds fishy enough from just that.

After all, in reality if your close friend started dating a pre-teenager you’d be unsure whether to be creeped out and run away or ask him to see a therapist.

Ikuto: I has my rape face on

Looking on the relationship between the two, Ikuto could be seen as something of a sexual predator. But hey, it’s fine isn’t it? Even if there is a slight age gap, they do love one another! Who cares if Amu didn’t technically admit it, the Amuto fans know the truth. They see behind her denial and lies and they can read the atmosphere and gazes between the two – after all, every Amuto fan has a degree in psychology and can read peoples moves to fine detail right?


Back to matters, let’s now fondly look back on all the memories of things Ikuto did with Amu.

  • Upon falling down with her he proceeded to remain hovered over her for many many moments.
  • He climbed onto her bedroom balcony and proceeded in the following events to bite her ear.
  • He remained residing within her bedroom with her for many weeks.
  • He slept in the same bed as her without her permission.
  • He embraced her various times against her will.

The list goes on with various other events that could be considered sexual harassment.

And before the hoards of Ikuto fangirls begin their stampede with pitchforks and torches let’s go over some of the important parts.

Ikuto – a seventeen year old who more likely that not has his fair share of moments with increased hormones – remained living in the bedroom of a twelve year old without her family knowing. Not only that but he stayed there for various weeks as it seems.

Ikuto: I will rape you tonight in your sleep...

Not to mention the fact he slept in her bed despite her clearly protesting against it – if that doesn’t constitute to sexual harassment then can somebody please tell me what does?

NOTE: This was a joke, don't take anything seriously lol. (Didn't think I'd have to actually put this down but since this somehow offended one person, I want to avoid it happening again)


xXMintyXx avatar xXMintyXx
Jul 30, 2013

I'm glad i wasnt the only one who noticed the age audience lower in Shugo Chara! Party, at time it felt awkward (i was so dissapointed in those 25 eps) and  i loved the bit about Gozen i mean it could never be real ... hes so cute and would get in no trouble then be let back in to the world again ... its not scary at all... and i am not hidding under my bed :) Loved the post thx for the laughs !!!

NicoNicoDesu avatar NicoNicoDesu
Sep 30, 2012

Cannot... stop... laughing...

That Ikuto the Pedo part was beyond hilarious.

But, aww... your picture of Ikuto's rape face isn't working. T.T

AlexanPT avatar AlexanPT
Mar 13, 2012


The Pedo bear Ikuto part is the best. x'D

DarkMagicianGirl avatar DarkMagicianGirl
Jan 3, 2012

nice blog you have some points :P but yeaah what can I say i don't mind find Ikuto in my bed xD

silverdreams avatar silverdreams
Jul 4, 2011

This is just epic X3

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