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Just an ordinary male gamer. I'm a student studying game design, and unfortunately failed to move out my first attempt, so im stationed at "home" for the time being. meh. Interests include: fantasy/RPGs, Astrology, Tarot, manga/anime of course, game design, comedy, uhhh... BBQ ribs and chinese food <_< what? Thinking with my stomache is still thinking! Tall (6'3), lanky, brunette cancer. Stop drooling over the avatar, that aint me =P Though if you're a single female cancer or pisces gamer, drop me a line ^_- I've been looking for you. We cancer are the stay-at-home, not too outgoing types; so its not exactly easy finding you, ya know. u_u Especially when you're otaku... its like that adds a multiplier to it. Hey, I've got an excuse though; not much to do here, since I'm surrounded by miles and miles of woods. Sure its mystical and enchanting the first week, but it wears off, sister, trust me on that.

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Darknessfalls1121 Jul 15, 2008

Hah, well it's been an ongoing site for around...mmm...maybe four years? Though we updated to a new site last year, I believe. 

 As for Vampire's killing everyone, heh, they aren't always the strongest things that go 'bump' in the night. ^_^

 Aw, it's ok, if you are ever interested in checking it out, or suddenly have time again, we'd all love to have someone new to RP with. 

Darknessfalls1121 Jul 13, 2008

Thank-you! ^^

It's a Vampire RP, my website that is. It isn't [i]just[/i] Vampire, either though, there's a bunch of different species on there. There are about four of us who RP together, two of which who are on and off less than myself and my other friend. We are always looking for members though, ^^ Hope I didn't scare you away! I can give you the site if you want to inspect it for yourself, and not take my word for it. XD

EadweardElric Jul 9, 2008

d00d, I was gonna post something but I wasn't sure what to say.  lol  But speaking of buttercups.. remember my galka monk Nomura on XI?  I was thiss close to naming him Buttercups. haha

It's good to see ya though.  I completed my samurai on XI almost.  Aside from getting the new overwhelm merits, 1 more str merit, and armor that requires an alliance. >_<  Had to start leveling sch on my mule cause I got bored.  Nothing much to do so I only rly pop in every other month or w/e.  I'm gonna be back when the next mission is up for d/l for certain though at the latest.

How's it goin'?  If I could get my hands on a whip and like 100 dollars worth of gas we could hang out though. lol  I thought you moved away.  Lemme know next time you are gonna at/near CF for awhile.  I live nears there now. Or make a mule on the old3 server. heheh [peace]

IrisFaust Jul 7, 2008

Well, IF you are a sap for the "easier road in love" in shows... i "enjoy watching love in shows because im too  busy for anything in real life" some could say. Me? i'm not sure about my perspectives on any  of that. Haven't given it much thought in years heh. Wasn't trying to imply or hint anything sorry if came of in that way.

I guess i dont even wanna bother until ive accomplished my goals in life.  Maybe it would be different if i had unlimited time to live :D... which you  know I wish I did.

Far as Slayers goes, i was planning on your house, of course. Power goes out here all the time anyway all night this time of year, and im usually at the beach or school in the day. I do hope to get to your house sometime before summer is over, when i can pinch enough gas money... going a little nuts at right stuf this summer. I'll have slowed down by august i swear heh. well, talk to ya later.