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Last book finished: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (Book 1/5)
Last graphic adventure game finished: The Walking Dead – Season 1 (Telltale Games)
Last manga finished: Red River – 28 Volumes
Last movie finished: Deadpool (2016)
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Last visual novel finished: Kara no Shoujo -100% all CGs and Endings (PC)

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chii Oct 29, 2009

Super hard to pick a favourite because i don't want to own crap so i only buy things i already love or know for sure that i will love... LOL

If i really had to choose i suppose it would be chobits.... it was the first manga i bought because the main character, chii, has the same name as a nick name i had when i was a kid. But it's still REALLY hard to choose as i think all the manga i own are AWESOME :P

RavenKira Oct 27, 2009


about fairy tail and the sacred blacksmith. Well, let's start with the sacred blacksmith. I guess the story isn't too bad but the main character is ... she's a little bit like sakura Before the shippuuden. All talk, but no results whatsoever. Then there's the guy who comes and saves her ass all the time, a pretty girl who's actually "a magical sword", the cloaked bad guy in the shadows... After talking about it with a few people who also watched it and were disappointed, i decided to drop it. Now Fairy Tail, :d, i haven't read the manga because the guys who did have really High expectations, but i saw a bunch of comments about how it was so OP inspired (ongoing discussions: One Piece , No Raven Master, No One Piece...) EITHER way :d,  I was willing to try out everything that looks like one piece, and i wasn't disappointed. Especially when Taka took it up. (i was at school when we saw the message from taka, and because we were like: hell yes, we send a Thank You reply. Not 3 hours later they had send one back. Now that's something a group like DB would never do. They probably would call you a stupid fag for wasting their time with your meaningless gratitude.) ..... moving on

anyways, you can try TSB, maybe you can stomach the BreastPlateArmour. But you Gotta try Fairy Tail. Since the manga is said to be great, and still ongoing, it's going to be lengthy. (my inner ShounenFan part  is So happy:d) 


RavenKira Oct 24, 2009


I finished DTB just now too. :d It was Awesome, no? Glad to hear the second series is good too. Have to wait  till next month for the next ones cause i'm reaching my bandwith limits. I saw you are watching Kimi ni Todoke too. It's totally Cute! I'm not a fan of romance but this is worth the exception.

anyways. Good luck with college, i'm kinda going to college myself and know it can be tough sometimes. :p


beatlesgirl95 Oct 22, 2009

ohh well if you aren't looking for a romantic anime in general I strongly suggest you watch Detective Conan. I don't know if you know this, but that happens to be one of my all time favorite animes. Altough, I will say "how many times can a single group of people run into a murder in a villa/ masion?!" seriosly! Kogoro gets more arrogant as the show progresses and the animation styles "sharpens" ,if you know what I mean, and poor ole Conan finally grows into his over sized ears and feet, which is good. Even better, Genta get's a neck, how exciting!

Anyways, I really do love science, but I am totally sucking at Pre Chemistry. So help me god if I have to take it again, I will have to hurt someone! Luckily though, if I do good in this class I can go to advanced biology, which I really wanna get into, so I can withstand a college course in the subject.

I am gonna have to check out the shows you mentioned. I have heard of Monster, sounded interesting, but I just didn't get around to watching it maybe with you reminding me, I will actually put it on my "priority' list. haha

How you keep on watching Detective Conan! It is way underrated and deserves more fans!

beatlesgirl95 Oct 21, 2009

well, if you are looking for romance...Detective Conan probably isn't something that should be on your priority of watching. However, there is a slight undertone of it. Seeing that you have only watching the first couple episodes, you didn't have the pleasure quite yet experience the Harley Hartwell/ Hattori Hieji episodes (which are my favorites, as you will soon realize, if you continue with the series) and the Rachel/ Ran  "I-think-Conan-might-be-Jimmy/Shinichi-but-I-really-am-not-sure-so-I-am-gonna-test-him" episodes...which are always fun. This show is pretty much strictly a mystery detective show, with just enough romance to keep me interested, but that's just me.

As for college, I am not quite sure what I want to do yet. Being that I am only a freshmen(man?) I do have quite some time to think about it, as you have already mentioned. Most recently, I have had a deep interest in the sciences and math (algebra and biology to be exact). I am so sure if science is gonna work out so well this year though, I actually really afraid of chemistry! It's super confusing! Ohh, well I am getting a 91 so far, that's pretty decent, for what it's worth.