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  • Two new shows I picked up from this new season.

Two new shows I picked up from this new season.

15 OCT

The first new show from this season I first saw was Kimi ni Todoke.  I LOVED the first episode, it's a school, romance, and drama kind of show.  It kind of reminded me of Perfect Girl Evolution/The Wallflower though with the main character being compared to Sadako from the Ring.  I wonder which creator ripped off who.  But it's a nice background for the female lead I guess. Anyway, I don't really know why I liked it so much.  The chibi animation annoys me quite frankly.  I guess I liked how good-natured Sawako was and I liked how Kazehaya was like a prince.  Seems like a generic romance show, but I didn't get that feeling.

The other show I picked up was Sasameki Koto, which is a shoujo-ai show. I HAD thought that the person doing the chasing was the shorter, pale brown-haired girl.  But it actually was the reserved, taller girl with glasses.  I think I like Sumika more than Ushio, because she reminds me of myself.  She's reserved and introverted like me.

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