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Worst Manga

I this list
1 Gantz image
2 Alice on Deadlines image
Alice on Deadlines

Ecchi crap

3 Hot Gimmick image
Hot Gimmick

Crappy manga with a weak willed heroine who gets involved with jerks.

4 Naruto image

Crappy shonen manga with annoying characters and the most obnoxious protagonist ever who likes wearing a fugly orange jumpsuit so that his enemies can spot him from many miles away

5 Medaka Box image
Medaka Box
6 Medaka Box (Pilot) image
Medaka Box (Pilot)
7 Desire Climax image
Desire Climax

Crappy manga with all the cliches found in soap operas.

8 Bleach image

Crappy shonen manga

9 Doubt!! image

Obnoxious superficial characters who try too hard to be popular.

10 Deadman Wonderland image
Deadman Wonderland
11 Die image
12 Kimi no Neiro image
Kimi no Neiro

Fukushima Haruka crap

13 Cherry Juice image
Cherry Juice

Fukushima Haruka crap

14 Chocolate image

Fukushima Haruka crap

15 AAA image

Fukushima Haruka crap

16 Orange Planet image
Orange Planet

Fukushima Haruka crap

17 Hayabusa image

Confusing story that makes absolutely no sense

18 Black Bird image
Black Bird

Stupid weak heroine who gets constantly targeted by youkai and her annoying overprotective jerk of a boyfriend

19 Gaba Kawa image
Gaba Kawa
20 Toriko image
21 Sensual Phrase image
Sensual Phrase

Mayu Shinjo crap

22 C♥C♥C image
23 Hidan no Aria image
Hidan no Aria
24 Hoshi wa Utau image
Hoshi wa Utau

Boriiiiing! Incredibly slow start with characters blabbering on about uninteresting stuff.

25 Arata no Tsukumogami image
Arata no Tsukumogami
26 Hakushaku Reijou image
Hakushaku Reijou

Bad Candy Candy copy. Everything about it is over the top: the story, the situations, the characters' reactions. I'm still not sure if it's supposed to be taken seriously or not.

27 Stepping on Roses image
Stepping on Roses
28 Uwasa no Midori-kun!! image
Uwasa no Midori-kun!!

Stupid heroine who fails miserably at posing as a boy

29 Haou Airen image
Haou Airen

Mayu Shinjo crap

30 Honey x Honey Drops image
Honey x Honey Drops
31 Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu image
Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu


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sothis says...

I'd be very amused to see reasons for each of these! XD

Jun 12, 2015