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My name is Duane, but you can call me "Roger" for short. ^__^

Back in my childhood days back in the 80's, I would usually prefer watching Voltron and Deimos over Duck Tales and Disney stuff. Living in The Philippines then, I can recall being obsessive about recording a TV Show "Cedie" (Shoukoushi Cedie, a.k.a. Little Prince Cedie, 1988) on my parent's Betamax. Little did I know then that it was "anime", especially due to the fact that it was dubbed in my language (Tagalog / Filipino).

Around the 90's, when I came to the US, I drew a lot, out of boredom. My drawings were significantly "manga-styled" drawings and my friends always criticized how the eyes were too big and what not.

Personally, I never got into Superman, Batman, or Spiderman like my friends did. But back then, I was more into role-playing video games like Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy. But I remember renting a movie from Blockbuster Video and I never returned it back: "Ghost in the Shell". I was still unaware of the term "anime" then. I just knew it came from Japan.

It wasn't until lately (1999 and beyond) when I ventured deeper into Japanese animation. All I knew then was, I love "cartoons", just not the cartoons that kids under 13 would typically watch. I browsed the internet aimlessly, looking for cartoons of sort. That's when the word "anime" came to existence in my life.

Around 2005, I developed a habit of watching [adult swim], habitually. I remember recording each episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion each time it aired on Thursdays and I never missed a day. I found a new addiction. Then, I found myself obsessed with anime shows such as Samurai Champloo, Paranoia Agent, and FLCL.

But I knew, there was more to anime than [adult swim]. I started networking with people who liked anime, and started attending anime conventions.

Today, I continue to watch anime shows and attend anime conventions. Though I am still keeping up with shows that aired years ago, I am proud to say that I'm catching up slowly....

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deejrandom Mar 3, 2011

Yup. Super book and The Flying house pretty much turned me on to Anime.  I'd totally buy them for my kids too.

deejrandom Mar 2, 2011

I've had way to much pizza in the last few weeks. Totally staying away from it for awhile....

deejrandom Mar 2, 2011

Noth9ing much. Trying to get an anime list together while watching Face/Off on Syfy. Get your pizza?