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I'm me. I don't identify myself by political schools of thought nor by religious views (or lack thereof.) And, no, I don't identify myself by what genre of music I listen to either... at this point that would be kind of hard. And aren't you giving away your individuality when you give yourself to a scene? I suppose it is more complicated that, but maybe I just don't get it. Why can't we all just be unique human beings all contributing our efforts to the things we love? Why do we all have to come up with ways to separate ourselves, as if it makes us better or different? I'm ranting. Which is applicable, because that's something I do a lot.

I've always admired the art of storytelling from a very young age. Books first, then movies and animation, then music, now all. Because of that, it has convinced me the only way I will ever be truly happy as a cog in the machine of capitalism is to contribute my own efforts to this art form. As such, I'm studying English with the hopes of some day becoming a screenwriter and/or author of some sort. Of course, music is the vessel that carries my writing it seems, and as such I feel a bit of responsibility towards it as well, so I do frequently dabble in writing and playing music, as well as promotion and managerial activities.

I enjoy watching movies, animation, television shows, anything that has a gripping enough story or high enough level of entertainment to keep me interested. It's a process, you know. I enjoy listening to my vinyl. I enjoy coffee & TV. Easily. Get it? I enjoy traveling, I have my eye on the Northern states for now. I love the mountains and the beach, the less crowded the better. Somewhat contradicting, I am a huge fan of technology as well. I enjoy abstract art and I enjoy nothing more, perhaps, than a good, long, deep conversation with my friends and loved ones.

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