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Fate/stay night

Nov 29, 2011

Fate/stay night is an adaptation by Type-Moon, of a Visual Novel that they had created in 2006. It is based on the theory that there were series of "Holy Grail Wars" going on around the world at the time. This idea created the perfect opportunity to electrify it's viewers, with the vast space for creating and centralizing the characters, as well as touching the hearts of the more emotional viewers.

Story: 6/10 -

The F/SN story is far above average, since it provided quite a few twists, touching moments, and entertaining epiphanies during the entire length of the series. I feel that the idea was left out a lot during the mid sections of the series, but it was quickly picked back up. There are many patches of time that the viewer may become confused since things are hard to comprehend the way it's explained.


 The idea of a romance between the main character and his servant was very intrigueing. Though they did not develop it well enough in the end, I feel that during the middle of the series when it focuses more on the main characters relationships, they lost sight of the main idea of the entire anime itself. I particularly enjoy romances such as these, but they need to be presented in a way that does not deter from the original intention of the series.


The ending. I feel that this ending was well planned, but a terrible decision to make. It did in turn, leave room for a second season to be aired if there was one being intended. I feel that there is a select few series that should have such depressing, endings like that, F/SN definitly is not one of those series. The highly sought romantic feel was no where near complete enough to have such a seperation between characters. This really hurt the series more than it helped. I do believe that if the ending was one of the classic "Bad guys lose, good guy gets the girl" type of things, it would be very cliche. Though, I for one, would have preferred it that way.


Animation: 9/10 -

For as old as the series may be, (which, is not really that old, but anyway,) I feel that Fate/Stay Night had rather high quality. There are some rather un-needed effects in areas, but overall it was rather eye-catching. I feel that the summoning scene of Saber, as well the use of Shiro's command seals to call her were a seal the deal type of thing for me.


Sound: 8/10 -

I loved the soundtrack. The songs that were used for openings and endings were really well done and timed to the video of their respected use. Though some feel that the first opening wasn't  good, I disagree. The fact that T-M didn't cause any really cliche or cheesy feelings during the anime gave me quite a bit of relief, I hate to see a good tear jerking moment get ruined by the wrong type of music.


Characters: 10/10 -

The cast was great, the backgrounds for each character were well thought out and well presented. Granted that it wasn't quite as in-depth as I like, the series balanced itself out by focusing more in on the important characters than trying to give everyone an important role. The Taiga character really wasn't developed, but I feel that she was more of a static character that didn't need it. Sakura, some may say wasn't developed, but she really was. There just isn't enough obvious hints towards every character in the series.

Shiro, was a poor male lead, but it was played off well and saved constantly by the dynamic feelings of Saber and Rin. It wasn't a problem at that point.


Overall: 8.25/10 -

Overall, the series didn't fall down and stumble like some do. It had many moments that caused a tear to come to my eye when watching. I was able to follow the story fairly easily. The sound had no issues. The animation quality was able to really keep me interested, I am a fan of high-quality art. Of course, the characters were the sharp edges of the fish hook for me, because of the characters, I was able to watch the entire series straight through without stalling.

6/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.3/10 overall
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taibu57 Nov 1, 2012

I feel as though this is by far the best description of Fate/Stay Night I have come across. Thank you for that!