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The Learned with your body and primalite garcinia how your body responds to different foods Anna you know for me personally to me that's the most valuable thing I have learned in this protocol is how my body response when I her put different foods involved with it it’s better than an hour detest I mean you find out right away how your body reacts on also SEO Missy I think missy is still not be LCD and up with her name up here and she has done fantastic you guys think she's down to size well may be going into two mobile on yourAT&T here soon an hour there some other people I’ve been following on here and anyway I'll Kane’s life adventure always is good for good laugh on you and I was are you know he just makes me he's hilarious you guys you just have Togo watch him and Ross when I'm saying an hour who else I my mind I wish I would have brought this now HCG crazy I watched your blog today Lori and she is such encouragement you guys %ah by the way look beyond have US with the curly hair and the new son dressed in everything of my mom are and I wanted to throw this out there for you hake crazy air other women better doing this protocol you might bright before you start in menopause are you going through menopause right now I have a hot flashes you're not night sweats you're having trouble going to sleep i low sex drive you might want to check out the supplementmocca .

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