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Apr 22, 2013

Ahh, Clannad, The only anime series to make me cry to this date. Full of emotions, these emotions pull you into the characters, They make you feel like you are friends with them, they make you feel like you're standing there with them. The anime is even better when you can relate to it. that is what a good anime is all about. They touch the veiwer. They reach their goal. Not many can do this. Not many at all. Clannad has. On to the review!


Clannads' story is... well lets say.. an "Emotional Rollercoaster" At most times, they make you feel like getting on your knees and crying your eyes out. Other times, they make you feel happy for them, like you're completing something with them. 

The storyline follows Nagisa and Tomoya as they go through school with their friends. They are trying to re-establish the theater club. To be honest there isn't TOO much of a storyline in Clannad compared to the After Story. 
Overall though their goal is to get the theater club together. While meeting plently of friends along the way. As they meet people though, their paths start to be revealed. Ending up for some sad times


Nagisa - Pronouced NAgisa, not NaGIsa like the dub. Thought I'd make that clear. Nagisa, is a cry-baby, she'll tear up to most if not anything emotional. She has been held back as a senior and is older than the rest of the crowd. She isn't in the same class as any of her friends, which makes it tough to get through school for her. She has trouble making friends, and her body is frail, she gets sick very easily. She is the main character along with Tomoya and she gets the most screen time. 

Tomoya - He's a trouble maker. Skips classes, causes trouble. He has a past which causes him to act this way, inside though, he is a caring person, regardless of how he acts, he cares for people and will do anything to save his friends. After he meets Nagisa his live changes. He is guided by her so it seems; they have a weird connection together and they fight on till' the end. He's also good at pulling off pranks, whether it be Fuko, or messing with Youhei.

Tomoyo - Shes amazing at fighting and is trying to become School Council President, to save the connection she has with the trees, that are trying to be taken down. She is the ex-leader of a gang, and is trying to forget her past.

Kotomi - She's a prodigy, Likes reading books, and has a dark, dark, past. She tries to forget it. She doesn't have many friends. Little does a person know, she has a past with said person to remember. Does she hide it from him or does she let him know who she really is? Thats up for you to find out.

Kyou - She beats up Youhei, and is a Class Rep. She doesn't play a major role in the series, but she does show up a lot. 

Ryou - She has an obvious crush on Tomoya, but is really shy. Her sister; Kyou, tries to help her, but shes just to shy to ask. Also a Class Rep. 

Fuko - Shes a weird girl, she sits around making wooden starfish to invite people to her sisters wedding, but the more and more shes gives.. More and more people forget her. She always speaks in 3rd person also. Weird. 

Youhei - He's a trouble maker along with Tomoya and they met while being sent to the principals office. He always tries to hit on girls which ends up for a funny time, He's the person that ligtens your heart up after something sad happens. He gets the job done though. Amazingly.


The sound is absouloutly amazing, The intro gets you going, it makes you feel like you know what you're getting into. I've personally never-ever skipped it. 

Most sound effects that play during say. The sad scenes are pretty good, but they are kinda aimed towards making a story even sadder.


The animation is beautiful. There are many scenes in which you just awe at the amazing animation, the only reason it didn't get a 10 is because.. Well, there are 3 characters with SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT shades of purple hair...
Backgrounds are amazing aswell they get the scenes kicking and overall just add to the touching feelings of this anime.


Overall this is an anime that you should 100% not miss, Regardless of your likes and dislikes, this anime is the best of the best. Whether you're looking for a comedy, or a drama. This one does it perfect. I 100% enjoyed it and its something I would definently re-watch in the near future.


8/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.2/10 overall

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