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20 APR

Ahh, A-Channel, one of the biggest fails of an anime ever. 
A-Channel lacks what most comedies don't; comedy.
A-Channel simply isn't funny enough, now this may be personal preference or not, but I laugh to A LOT of stupid things. Anyway.. ON TO THE REVIEW

A-Channel features a wide selection of characters with amazing personalities that we've never seen before! Oh, wait it doesn't.

Run - The Airhead of the group just simply. Is TOO airheaded. You think it'd be moe but, its to the point of where it just isn't. Shes just a poorly done Yui from K-ON!. Shame.
The most unique feature about her is her forehead, and that isn't even unique. SHAME.

Nagisa - Nagisa; which is probably the most likeable character out of the bunch. She is chilled, cool, and gets things done. Out of the group she is the funniest simply because she doesn't repetivily get annoying.

Tooru - Ahh, the "We don't know what sexual preference you have" character. Tooru, we don't know if you like Males or Females. You're constantly grabbing on Yuko and you are over protective of Run. Just pick. All issues aside though, shes funny. I suppose..

Mio - Oh, wait, its Yuko...  She gets scared easily, she has the "best" body out of the group, shes clumsy. Mio was annoying in K-ON! and Yuko is annoying in A-Channel. Another character to bring SHAME. 


Oh, god they call this animation? Man, lets just get this over with. 

The scenery is mostly copied through out the entire series. You'll be seeing the same stuff alot of the time.

The character design is.. O.K I suppose, nothing special though. Colours are vibrant. Thats the best part. Bad designers. BAD.


The sounds were eh. The opening was fun, I liked it. The sound effects were OK, though I didn't notice them too much. Nothing much to say here


There is none


Overall, this anime is a poorly done K-ON!, without the music. Not that K-ON! Did much music, but thats another review for another time
Save yourself the despair I had while watching this. Just don't watch it. Its not that funny, has terrible characters, okay art at best, and just all-round. Its terrible. 

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User Review Scores

  • Story N/A
  • Animation 3/10
  • Sound 3/10
  • Characters 2/10
  • Overall 2.9/10


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