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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou or Daily Lives of Highschool Boys, is an extremely funny anime. It revolves the daily lives of 3 highschool boys, but some characters end up getting the same amount of screentime or even more screentime than some of the main characters.

Tadakuni: He is a main character belive it or not, but thats the beauty of his character. He hardly shows up and is a main character, that is the joke with him. The devolpers intentionally gave him little screen time because, the show needed un-average lives and Tadakuni just so happened to have the most ordinary life out of the 3. It really is funnier than it needs to be, but now that you understand it, you can enjoy it.

Hidenori: He is the real main character of the group, whether its forgetting his glasses when they're right on his head, or having some issues with the literary girl, he always finds some way to make the viewers laugh. His crazy antics with his best friend Yoshitake will more than likely make you laugh. I know it made me. 

Yoshitake: Not having as much screentime as Hidenori but, much more than Tadakuni he is the "Extra" character, this isn't too bad considerin
g he is funny in his on way, its just the fact that I feel he compliments Hidenori rather than being another character. Still I like his character and his insane out bursts about dog shit or even putting pencils up his nose, he'll always be there to make you laugh.

There are plenty of other characters like the Dumbfounded, big ego'd Ringo, or even the president of the schools attempts to date her.

The sound in this anime where better than average but, not amazing. They get the job done and the intro  was ok, I found myself liking the intro more with time, the ending I felt was greatly done, I'd download it if my computers harddrive didn't suck. The sound just adds to the funny gestures and randomness of the anime, so its a win in my book.

Now this is where the anime hits a home run. The animation. Now keep in mind this isn't revolving around the storyline, so the animation doesn't have to be great, but thats the thing the animation is good. One of the best parts are the facial expressions they can pull of f with this type of animation, the sisters don't have eyes.. but.. thats well, I really don't know. This is a prime example of how crazy facial expressions can get in an anime .

All together this is great anime, so long as you enjoy randomness and slice of life.
Id recommend this to most people looking for a laugh.  

If you liked this anime series, I'd recommend the following
Azumanga Daioh
Lucky Star 

?/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.7/10 overall

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RoyalOtaku says...

YOUR REVIEW SUCKS!!! Just Kidding....Awesome review it was a pleasurable read, short and sweet.

May 19, 2013
C3RIAL says...

Hello, if you're reading this I thank you. This is my first review so please, give me some critisim and don't be a dick about things. Thanks. 

Apr 11, 2013