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It's very nice of you to drop in! ^^

My name is (watch out!) JAREK. I am 22. For the time being, I'm studying National Relations (1st y) / I have a Bachelor's Degree in English Philology. When it comes to hobbies, I'm obsessed with Anime/Manga and Japanese Culture in general. To be honest, every time i go to bed, every time i get up - i think about it, so it's just another mental sickness of mine ... Apart from it, I am very into DDR (yeah yeah - I just like to shake it, ya know? ;P) + Frets on Fire (Guitar Hero Mode - my keyboard is on fire! xD) What's more, I can't imagine my life without music. Hardcore, Punk, Ska, Nu-metal - these are genres I feel comfortable with.

Top 13 ^.^ Series I've been swept away by :

( At Random )

Death Note





5 Centimeters per Second


Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Darker Than Black

Fate/stay night

Ergo Proxy


Spirited Away

Feel free to ask anything u want ^^ - I'm all yours ...


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Kyoko25081989 avatar Kyoko25081989


Jun 9, 2009

Hej Hej Jarek!

Jakos zapamietales, niemozliwe :D

blekszip avatar blekszip


Jan 9, 2009

ej co sie dzieje z tym AP ? Oo Jeszcze kilka dni temu miałam prawie 4 dzien a teraz nagle cofneło mnie do pierwszego ;<

blekszip avatar blekszip

You Rock!

Dec 2, 2008

21 min 1 h 2 days 1 m- mam identyko jak ty ^^

Spectrum avatar Spectrum


Nov 16, 2008

^_^  Witam i zapraszam na polskie forum o mandze, anime, hentai, OST oraz wiecej na http://www.anime-sekai.pl

blekszip avatar blekszip


Nov 5, 2008

Dlaczego nic nie piszesz o ST? Jestes po I odcinku, wiec cos mozesz napisac w temacie x)

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