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Butt moving on this treadmill and go you can do this and I just break then flipped the switch flipped I a mentally made that by changing my mind and you know I thought to myself I am healthy enough Safer Colon to be here yeah I’m big girl but I can't do this I'm not in a hospital I'm not sickly I can’t believe this and I never stopped I got on treadmill in I just 1/4 cup on that thing I loll Robin you're definitely living at your a registered nurse a fitness instructor you written a book and talk to us about the other ways that you’re carrying this message in up hope and to people that are struggling with their weight yeah I wrote this I wrote this book I’m kind of just as a as a way for me to come to get all this out there very cathartic for me to think back in and kind of go through all of that all those issues they got me where you know the 300-pound and you know other things along the way on so I broke up book and you know I’ve been exercising at note on the treadmill in doing well and I'm like you know maybe something else again I to find enough to do here you know mix it up a little bit so I kind of on you went into this group exercise class you know nervous didn't want to go happened to be a hip-hop dance class evolving.

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