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What, you want a Bio? You don't get a Bio. I don't want to write it, and you don't want to read it. I mean who even reads these...

Here's a bio:

Don't feel like writing it, check back when I finished watching every episode of Detective Conan. I haven't started. I will, eventually. The movies are included.

Rating scale if you care:

5: godly, I will watch it again if I get a chance. My prefect Anime, if only all Anime were a 5...

4.5: Semi-godly, I may watch it again if I get a chance. Its missing something that I just can't put a finger on, so not a 5.

4: Good, 50% chance that I will watch it again. More then one element of that prefect Anime missing.

3.5: Alright, 25% of watching it again. Can't become a prefect Anime at this stage. May be do to genre bias or personal preference.

3.0: Better then average, probably won't watch it again. It was good while it lasted, some good moments.

2.5: Average, the cookie cutter. If I can tell whats going to happen next consistently it will probably be in this category. Not to say this is a bad Anime, but it wouldn't recommended it. Chance of watching again is non-existent.

I generally don't give below a 2.5. If an Anime is this bad I probably haven't seen it, or don't plan to see it.

All of my ratings are personal opinions, if you don't like them write a 10 paragraph essay on why you disagree and I will decide weather to go with your opinion based on your arguments. Anything less then the amout stated above shall be burned in the fires of Mordor or the equivalent mountain of doom located in your area. I will not be reading it before burning it, so do not ask this question.

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QuantumDrone Jan 9, 2016

Somehow I missed your comment. Anyway, a belated Happy New Year to you!!

Keep up the awesome.

QuantumDrone Jan 11, 2015

If you're referring to Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, heck if I can remember why I originally put it in my "Won't Watch" list (it's been a few years since I've gone through the list) but looking at it again, it might be because of the art style--vertically challenged faces have never appealed to me.

I have however heard a lot of good things about the anime from various places and people, so I'm more than willing to put it in my backlog of "want to watch" anime. Who knows when I'll get around to watching it though--I only recently made my way through most of the fall season anime that I was interested in. It seems I've finally reached a point where life takes the time that had been reserved for anime the last few years.

QuantumDrone Jan 1, 2015

Happy new year, my friend! May all your needs be met in the days to come, and may you discover many enjoyable anime.

QuantumDrone Jan 1, 2014

To you as well! May your days give you enough time to marathon to your heart's pleasure.

QuantumDrone May 29, 2013

The Ash Coma theory is absolutely hilarious and it does make sense from what I read. The successful troll creators are successful.

As for your other comment, how is tracking all anime a double edged sword? It seems to be quite the awesome ability to me. That way I can always pull up an anime that someone is talking to me about and, more often than not, I can see whether it's watched, stalled, dropped, etc...