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Hiiiii, i'm Bugbird1!

        I'm a HUGE anime fan. I found this site and i thought it was the coolest and i felt compelled to sign up and join AP. I'm looking forward to interacting with everyone and all that good stuff so if you want to be anime buddies just add me and i'd be happy to add you to, or if you want to swap recomendations leave me a comment!

I  like alot of anime but have to admit that my favorite kind of anime are the ones that have a awsome plot with some Romance! I just can't refuse a good love story with action and a good fight scene! I'm not a big fan of really serous animes though, the kind that are about highschool life or someone is in the hospital dying, mysteries that are all old fashioned and sherlock holmslike, or animes that are over bearingly Ecchi.

Some of my favorite animes so far:

 Thats just a short list but it gives you a little bit of an idea as the kinds of anime that are my favorites :D

Now please enjoy this random barrage of pictures of animes that i love.........                                       (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ enjoy (This list now recently includes manga!)

 Fairy Tail!

 Shattered Angels

 Kimi no Todoke



 Naruto Shippuden

 Elemental Gelade

Sword Art Online photo: Sword art online 597074_zpseae56b27.jpgSword Art Online


Shinigami Hime no Saikon


Ok so I know i said before that I'm not that much into reading Manga.... Well this year my friend COMPLETELY got me hooked on it. I haven't watched as many animes because i've been ODing on manga, and even going so far as to not do my homework :/ . Now since i didn't immediately go in on Anime Planet and record all the mangas i've read, i have to try and remember as many as i can to add them to my list D: (wish me luck).......But whatever, I regret nothing!


Heres a link to mangahere.com and the manga that I've most recently been reading and recommend!      o(〃^▽^〃)o  : Black Bird


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ItsumoHitori says...

ah just saw your comment over a year later :') THANK YOU FOR FLIPPING THAT TABLE

you're profile is looking pretty decked out too!

Aug 16, 2014
MindlessHooligan says...

I could not agree more with what you have to say about romance in a polot. To me it adds a sense of completion, a warm feeling to a show and most leave me feeling a bit incomplete without it, like I want some to be there. I guess I like chemistry between characters, do you have any reccomendations for that sort of thing? the show doesn't neccisarily have to revolve around it, but its there

Feb 24, 2014
Steeldude says...

Hi, thanks for adding me to your friends =D I don't know how I deserved it, but never mind :P Hope you're having a good time ;)

Nov 17, 2013
SoraDespa says...

Konnichiwa desu~ n-n gomensai for not reply around July when you left a comment for me haha i've been busy~ But wow its not everyday you meet someone who has the same interest as you :D Honto? Honto deska?!?! I would love some recommendations O u O and i'll be sure to go through your list! nwn i'm always on the lookout for anime with good art styles and storylines. maybe even a few manga to read here and there like Seiyuu ka *u* 

Sep 17, 2013
McKenzieSchick says...

Hahahah ok thanks girl! I can suggest some animes too if you haven't seen them lol I love anime haha and love writin it too! I write a lot actually! :D 

Aug 1, 2013