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Usagi Drop

23 APR

To me, the sign of a good anime, is when i'm watching a couple episodes of an anime at night (just until i'm ready for bed) and instead of going to bed, i get caught up it in, unable to go to bed because i got so completely interested.  And Usagi Drop did just that.  I had no idea what to expect when i started watching it, but this wonderful anime about life and kindness, caught my attention.  I'm sitting there, ready to watch an episode or 2 before i welcomed the sandman for the night, but before i knew it, i was watching the last episode, 3 hours later... and i couldn't have been happier.  This is a wonderful series, that i only have one complaint about... ... ... I WANT MORE.  Give it a chance if you want a heartwarming feel good anime :D

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