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Hey!!! I'm 17 and I live in Canada! I love everything Japanese and I'm currently trying to get not voice acting because I spend so much time watching or thinking about anime, I might as well get paid for it!!! XP

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What?! No manga ratings?

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naituramin says...

I know its sad every one should watch  Kyou Kara Maou. It is such a great anime. I was glued to it day and night. Yeah thats me....the one with no life.

Dec 22, 2007
naituramin says...

lol, is that Tamaki Suou from Ouran high school host club. I love that show, Ive seen it a couple times. Well great avatar none the less.

Dec 20, 2007
LiveLoveLaugh says...

yes im picky!! but w/e ....bor-edness suks!!!

Dec 3, 2007
LiveLoveLaugh says...

hey bored and ur not on msn!! and since ur not on msn, i can't ask u if u kno ne other characters (girls with shortish hair, blond if posible) i can cosplay as! i'm stuck!! oh and the costumes have 2 be's ur puppy, is she feeling better??

Dec 3, 2007
wolfangel87 says...

Great avatar!  lol, I love it!!!!

Dec 2, 2007